Nature v Nurture: Whose fault is it? — 8 Comments

  1. Thanks that was perfect this morning!
    One of my problems with Chinese in the US is so much of the time you order Veggie something with meat something and there’s maybe 2 tablespoons of veggies and the rest is meat … now how does that figure!?

  2. That was a very special treat waiting for you upon your arrival-how sweet! And, I agree with you totally-veggies are the real stars!

  3. Thanks Tanna, – and the vegetable is usually celery…
    Ulrike, vegetable genes…I like that!
    Thanks Gattina, I seem to be doing that a lot lately.
    Jann, and a sweet treat it was!

  4. Ah Katie! Sounds disasterous to me. It’s not like that all throughout Wisconsin though. Perhaps you have to venture a bit farther East of the river. LOL.
    And plahleez… Dylan?!?!? Oh my, my.

  5. Meredith, Maybe that’s why we are living where we are….and enjoying it!
    Teresa, Maybe East is the key…I’ll try that next time. If it makes you feel better my last CD purchase before this was the Complete Works of Mozart – 150 CD set on sale for 99 euros at FNAC last Christmas…It was only a little mid-life crisis…