Pasta Salads, Summer Cooking and Cats on Heat — 9 Comments

  1. Hooray for pasta salads! This recipe looks wonderful and combines so many ingredients I like and keep in my pantry. Thanks.

  2. That pasta salad looks fantastic! Much better than the ones I’m used to.

  3. Love the salad – what’s not to love with spinach, feta, mint and pasta. Life without pasta winter or summer would be poor. But summer without pasta salad would be really bad.
    We had a Siamese that used to get weired (not in heat, he was neutered). He’d prowl the house and howl, then move and howl until he found the sweet spot where it all echoed the loudest.
    Good luck with the cat, eventually it will be ok.
    Computers and cars – wonderful when they work, total frustration when they don’t.

  4. LOL!! My sympathies about the cat! That can be hell. :):) I love that salad. It looks so delicious and perfect now that we are having warm weather.

  5. Great, great pasta salad with wonderful ingredients! I love feta in almost anything and combined with this beef, dreamy!

  6. This looks delicious! Unfortunately we are having a dreary, rainy long weekend. Kind of a pity for the last one in the series…I’ll be making some sort of roast with vegetables today, nothing too summery!

  7. Lydia, I love cooking from the pantry – makes me feel so frugal! lol
    Kristen, thanks, and thanks for stopping by!
    Jann, I was thinking picnic….then winter returned, Arggghhhh!
    Tanna and Sher, thanks the the kind thoughts – the cat stopped mid-howl last night..maybe the fox got her…
    Thanks, Freya. We’re starting to eat more feta and I really like it.
    Betty, ditto here. If I ever get back to my potager it will be a miracle!

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