Running in deep sand — 15 Comments

  1. Ummm….maybe I don’t know want to know, but why are you not supposed to use those jars for canning? Because Fab’s great-aunt is constantly giving us jars of those full of jams, veggies, etc.

  2. I never get bored of peeking in other people’s fridges – one day, I’ll post a picture of mine (one day, being the operative term) – thanks for sharing!

  3. Sorry to hear about the high speed connection not working. I am right there with you on the internet addiction.

  4. Sam, they’re fine. It’s all I use here but any American canning guide will tell you only to use the FDA approved Ball or Kerr jars and lids – not the ‘decorative’ ones. I have my own opinion as to the reason but today is my day to be nice…. – Lucky you to get such treats from Fab’s aunt.
    Can’t wait to see, Freya…all the little secrets…
    Kalyn, I love what I was told on the phone yesterday “It should be working by the day after tomorrow” Honest, that’s what they said. As to the addiction…my fingers have finally stopped air-typing…

  5. Objection! I refrigerate my eggs too here is the proof
    And I feel with you: Just on Friday my DSL adapter broke it took until Monday until the T-com could fix it. That was the longest weekend ever!

  6. Katie I hate to wish bad on anyone so I hate your on dialup here..but at least you know how I feel all the time!
    Your fridge is so much neater than mine. Thanks for the egg info, I didn’t know.
    I ran a B&B for 7 years and always refridged my eggs.
    Thanks for letting me peek in your fridge. I am haveing a blast!

  7. SO brave to show your fridge. I’m in the midst of packing for a move, so mine wouldn’t be very interesting right now, it’s almost empty. Sorry about the slow connection, I’m beginning to panic a little about not being connected for a few days. Maybe this is an addiction?

  8. I’m in awe of the neatness in your fridge!
    Here’s what I understand about the egg thing. In the US,
    the FDA requires eggs be washed which removes a natural protective covering. Removing that covering requires that eggs be refrigerated. Eggs aren’t washed in Europe. When we sailed across the Atlantic, we were careful to get unwashed eggs so that we could use our limited cold storage for other things.

  9. Eggs can stay out and not be refrigerted in Europe because they are fresh~ people buy them and know where they came from! Probably right down the stree! We haven’t a clue where ours are directly from-we know when they expire-or when they wer plucked!i wish my refrig looked as good as yours!

  10. Wow, what a neat fridge. Is it always this way? Or is it because you were on a trip, and now you are back? Oh, well I am too embarrassed to show my fridge. It is a bit nutty.

  11. Sue, I empathize with the dial-up connection… It is fun peaking in other people’s fridges.
    Ulrike, your kitchen cabinets look very similar to mine – I like them. A whole weekend without Internet !?!?
    Mary, you can handle it….just treat it like an enforced vacation…drink wine…
    Tanna, I didn’t know the reason – thanks for the info! (I would have thought it was much more sinister – lol)
    Jann, when I get my eggs from my neighbor they are all shapes and sizes – it’s a hoot!
    Lannae, our fridge usually looks like this – we don’t get stuff in the huge containers like in the U.S. – that stuff takes up sooo much room. People here are used to small fridges – plus it was’s much fuller on Friday after the weekly shopping!

  12. Hope your Internet connection is back up and running Katie. You keep your fridge very, very clean and neat. I don’t. That’s why you will never see it on my blog. :))

  13. The reason you have to refrigerate eggs in the States is ecause they have been washed whuch removes the protective coating which keeeps out the bacteria. I get free range eggs that have never been washed and sometimes they are at the office over the weekend if I forget to take them home.
    At home I store them in the fridge because my Hero would have a fit if they were at room temp. Also he’s a tad clumsy and they are safer in the fridge.

  14. Hi Kate (Vanessa is waving from Wisconsin)!!!
    So glad you stopped by my blog so I could find your’s. I always check out what’s in the frig and cupboards when I visit someones house…I don’t even sneak…I just announce that I’m doing it.

  15. Christine, it’s purely by accident – and getting used to not having a big fridge.
    Karen, thanks, I did not know about the washing. I keep mine in the fridge for the same reasons. LOL
    Hi Vanessa! Waving back!!! You can tell a lot about someone from their pantry…