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Summer Salads: The Lettuce is Coming — 12 Comments

  1. I am completely jealous that you are eating salads from your own garden already! Here in Rhode Island, my chives are up, and neighbors have asparagus, but not much else is garden-ready. Enjoy!

  2. I’m also jealous of your lettuce growing. Here in Utah it gets so hot so quickly that I kind of gave up on lettuce, although I’m growing some arugula and swiss chard on the west side of my house where it’s a lot shadier. The salad sounds wonderful. And I love your dressing with both lemon juice and vinegar, just brilliant!

  3. Yum. I almost have lettuce. It is really close as is the basil and chives.
    I agree that things taste better in season and eating that way seems more health wise.
    We won’t have new potatoes for quite some time.
    This sounds so good.

  4. I am impressed with your salad growing. My husband would drool over your salad. He perks up like a Labrador when I make salad with ham in it, but this, with sausage, he would kiss my feet. I’ll have to put this on the menu sometime soon.

  5. I admit it, I skipped the lettuce part and went straight to the fried potatoes!! Looks delicious!

  6. Marvelous!!!! I so agree with you about eating seasonally. And lettuce tastes fabulous when it’s freshly picked from the garden. And it’s so easy to grow, even in small pots. The only problem here in the super hot Central Valley of California is that the heat makes it very hard to grow lettuce during the summer. Sigh.

  7. Patience, Lydia…all good things (like fresh salad greens) in time
    Kalyn, no lettuce? That would be sad!- Bet your tomatoes are great, though.
    Sue, I just have a few small basil plants – the seeds haven’t started yet but soon.
    Thanks, CC
    Mary, that is a proper response from your husband….well done!
    Sra and Glenna, this is my favorite of all the salads – good reason…
    Freya, this is how I make fried potatoes healthy – sort of.
    Sher, I can grow lettuce until about July 1st, with the romaine going another week or two. Then it’s too hot here, also. But we pig out while we can.

  8. As with Lydia, I have only chives and a few herbs that can be harvested right now. Our rainy/cold season lasted until about 5 days ago! Today is was 89 in the shade. Jeez!
    I love this post Katie. We eat salads, the organic greens purchased, year-round. I could live on salads. And isn’t grilling just the best way to cook food?

  9. This was one of my top favorite salads from the Menu last summer! I think I made it at least twice. My kids just scarfed it down, so the second time I made it, I was pretty generous with the proportions!