Avocados in Omelets?

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AaweekendherbbloggingAs usual, I sit down at my computer without a clue as to what’s going to come out of my keyboard.  Kind of exciting isn’t it?

The one thing I know I am not going to write about is my favorite herb.  In looking back over past entries I realize that, when it comes to discussing the herb I prefer above all others, I am as fickle as a teenager.

Whichever herb catches my eye as I walk through the garden is the one that gets picked.

Whatever dish it goes into, assuming it turns out as planned (bien sûr!), is my favorite.

Hi, my name is Katie and I’m a food wh*re!  I’m in love with what is currently on my fork!

Fortunately, for my health and that of mon mari, I am an arrogant food wh*re.  I don’t buy processed foods, because I can make it better (naturellement!) The fact that there’s not a wide selection available here has nothing to do with it!  Really!

So what tickled my fancy when I was trying to come up with a simple starter?  Well, the tarragon was growing nicely; the chives needed trimming…. How about an omelet?  Mon mari had put a perfectly ripe avocado in the trolley without my noticing, so I had that to use….

I had no idea how healthy avocados are!  I knew they are high in monounsaturated fat (oleic acid) known to help reduce the bad cholesterol and increase the good.  As I started reading more about them on the World’s Healthiest Foods site I was ready to send mon mari back to the market for more!

According to the article, avocados offer protection against both breast and prostate cancers…. equal opportunity – I like that in a fruit!
It’s high in potassium, folate, vitamins B6, C, E, K and carotenoids (lutein, which is dear to me for eye health) plus it increases the absorption of carotenoids from other vegetables.  You really should read the article; then go buy avocados.

All that being said, my entry for Weekend Herb Blogging, this week back home with our beloved founder, Kalyn, of Kalyn’s Kitchen, is:

Omelet with Avocado, Chevre and HerbsTarragonchevreraw

1 small log chevre (goat cheese)
4 eggs
1 small, ripe avocado
2 tbs snipped fresh tarragon
1 tbs snipped fresh chives
2 tsp olive oil

With scissors, snip herbs, divide in 2 and set aside.  Remove avocado from shell and slice about 1/4 inch (.7cm) thick.  Reserve some slices for garnish. Cut 6 slices of chevre, 1/3″ (1cm) thick.  In a medium bowl beat 2 eggs well with a wire whisk.  Add half of the herbs.  Heat an 8 inch nonstick skillet or omelet pan over medium-high heat.  AddTarragonchevre
half of the oil.  Add eggs and swirl around to cover bottom of pan.  When the eggs are almost set, lay 4 – 5 avocado slices on 1/2 of omelet, top with 3 slices of chevre.  With a spatula turn other half over.  Leave in the pan another 20 – 30 seconds to finish cooking, then remove to plate.  Can be put into 250F (125C) oven to keep warm while you make the other omelet…Oh yes – repeat for second omelet.  Serve, garnished with reserved avocado slices and some olives if you have them – a tarragon sprig would be nice…. some cherry tomatoes….

Pour a nice, chilled Spanish Rosado, take your plate out to the terrace, watch the sunset and ponder all of the wonderfully healthy things you are putting into your body.  Makes you feel good, doesn’t it?
Don’t forget the Salmon your roasting for your main course salad…..

And don’t forget to stop by Kalyn’s Kitchen on Monday for the complete recap of all the great recipes using herbs, vegetables and fruits.

Now, go buy some avocados!  Go on!  Avocados!

20 thoughts on “Avocados in Omelets?”

  1. Well, I’m a food sl*t, so we would make a great couple! I sure love that omelet. The cheese is driving me crazy! It’s all very nice that the dish is so healthy, but as a food sl*t, I just care about the taste. I must be honest. It’s true!

  2. I’m going shopping later so maybe I better get some avocados. I do love them. Avocados in omelets are quite popular here in restaurants, usually with Southwestern type flavors such as chilis, monterey jack cheese, sour cream, and maybe salsa. Love the sound of avocado with goat cheese.

  3. Ulrike, he usually is at the markets…. Oh the stories….
    Kalyn, I never thought about doing it Southwestern…. that would be good…

  4. What a great idea — I’ve done guacamole omelets, but never just the slices of avocado. I’d probably have to put hot sauce on it or in it, just because I love it so much!

  5. Wait up here Katie . . . I’m liking that Spanish Rosado, the plate with the omelette, the sunset, all the healthy stuff but I’m going to have to hold off on the salmon till tomorrow!
    Wow that looks soooo good and just about right for my dinner!

  6. Yum! I have never put avocado in omelets…hmmmm, its the weekend – the perfect time for omelets! I am thinking this will be tried in my house in the very near future!

  7. Katie, Avocados are a favorite around here. There is nothing better than an avocado/tomato toasted sandwich. Big slabs of avocado. Big slabs of fresh tomato. A bit of mayo. Or not. When I can get them for a buck a piece, I feel like a king!

  8. We always have avocados on hand (until they start getting so expensive it’s ridiculous to buy even one) because we love them so, but I never knew until now how heathly they are. thanks for a great post, katie!

  9. Sher, I have to admit, for me it’s all about the taste, too. Healthy is just an incidental bonus LOL
    Lydia, mon mari likes hot sauce, I just can’t do hot…Green Tabasco is just about right for me!
    Tanna, the problem with the terrace and the rosado is that’s usually where it ends…
    Chris, Try it…you’ll like it! And it wasn’t your computer (I don’t think) Typepad was doing maintenance! I deleted the spares!
    Farmgirl, avocoado and tomato…I like that! There can be a real price swing on them…
    Christine, I didn’t either! We use to tease a friend, who always has one for breakfast, about eating healthier…I sit corrected!

  10. What a rich and spectacular combo for an omelet. I am inspired to try to make an omelet now. That looks like aged goat cheese, is that right? Does it have a pungent nose? How much was the cheese heated, and did it get more mellow to the nose and taste when heated?

  11. Hey Katie,
    I love avocados. Let’s ban them.
    Sorry I did not mean to ban foie gras but to ban all eating.
    Sometimes I am too sarcastic to make a bit of sense.

  12. I can totally imagine how creamy those avocados and cheese that go with your fluffy deliciously looking omelettes 🙂

  13. Lannae, the chevre wasn’t anything special, just the usual little log that comes prepackaged but is is a proper cheese with some aging. It does have a nice pungent taste. After I finish the omelets I leave them in a 200F (100C) oven for a few minutes to make certain the cheese is warmed through.
    Sue, it’s your way with words that keeps me coming back… And I meant to say ‘ban the people with too many opinions’ Ooops, that would include me…
    MeltingWok, the avocado and goat cheese do work amazingly well together. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  14. Okay, I’m going to buy some avocados and make this tonight. I have lots of eggs I need to use up. I love toasted, buttered sourdough bread with avocados smashed on top.

  15. Meredith, smashed avocado on sourdough…yum!
    Helene, I didn’t use to like them, I thought they were flavorless and too caloric. Now I love them…is cilantro next?!?
    Lucy, I’ll put almost anything in an omelet – at least once..

  16. What a glorious dish and I’m with you…being a fickle food wh*re myself! It seems that what’s on my plate is usually “the best thing I ever made”.

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