Basil, Pasta and Snail Flying — 13 Comments

  1. Snail flying — I love that! I have a small basil patch in my garden and don’t seem to have a snail problem (thank goodness) — because you’re right, what’s a good tomato salad in summer without the basil?!

  2. Great looking pasta salad. Thanks for sharing with PPN. I’m with you…don’t think I could go onto the balcony either.
    Have a terrific holiday and check back for the roundup on Friday.

  3. lol— I thought for sure that you were going to give us a snail and basil recipe!!!

  4. I don’t have snails bothering my basil, but it sure is looking pitiful! Every other herbe is doing just fine, but the basil looks as teeny as it did when I planted it several weeks ago. Looks like i will have to rely on my CSA and the local farmers mkt to fill in the gaps.

  5. you are absolutely correct~ what would summer be without fresh pasta~and a few snails lingering around~i used to have these mammoth creatures oozing around my garden while living in Seattle-where’s that salt shaker!

  6. Katie,
    Perhaps your friend in Andorra could tie parachutes onto the snails, to appease those who might object, before throwing them off his balcony. Just a thought.

  7. That looks completely yummy and just what summer weather calls for. I hope you can eat some of the lovely pasta while enjoying the weather outside.

  8. Lydia, you’re lucky you don’t have those little munching machines!
    Ruth, thanks – that balcony is a scary place!
    There are no other balconies beneath it…
    Lucy, that would be one way of looking at it….
    Riana, substitute basil for parsley!?!?! And get drummed out of France!?!?!
    Farmgirl, even without the snails mine is looking pitiful, too. Too much rain! I bought a huge one in a pot that is filling in until mine grow up!
    Jann, Ewww! Slugs! I only have little slugs, thank goodness! Even the French don’t eat them!
    Mike, that’s a wonderful idea! I’ll pass the thought along…. but I’m not certain it would achieve the desired end result.
    Lannae, Thanks… and we keep hoping, but we won’t be on the terrace this weekend, either (thunder in the distance)

  9. That looks so beautiful—and perfect for right now. By the way, I like to put out a dish of beer and watch how the snails crawl in to drink it–and drown. They certainly are the party animals—orgies, switching their gender at will, drinking themselves to death!

  10. Wow this sounds good! I am with Ruth, I bet slugs that eat basil shoots are yummy!

  11. Sher, do you think snails drowned in beer would be as tasty as those fed on basil? Worth exploring…or quit wasting the beer!
    JennDZ, Oh no! Not slugs….snails…even the French (who’ll eat ANYTHING) don’t eat slugs.
    They look the same without the shell so I really don’t understand the difference… both slimey!

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