Brown Rice Pilaf and Salad: Cook Once; Eat Twice! — 14 Comments

  1. The brown rice salad looks lovely. If I had a bit of leftover grilled chicken or salmon, I’d toss that in, too.

  2. I think this sounds like a very good idea! I like the idea of a basil and tomato sandwich too. Anything that combines basil and tomatoes is good with me.

  3. I can’t say anything about cutworms. I didn’t see hedgehodges, but I heared their love life 😉

  4. Lydia, great idea! But, mon mari is only a reluctant salad eater so we have grilled meat with it …the art of compromise!
    Thanks, Truffle, it is good 😉 Have a great trip!
    Kalyn, I find myself nibbling on the basil while I’m weeding… – yup, I’m the one eating the shrubs.
    Astrid, I wouldn’t miss it! So many good things…
    Ulrike, how about cutworms? I just had one take out my sweetcorn. We have lots of bees, earthworms a mile long and hedghogs… although I haven’t actually seen one, mon mari assures me. And snakes, we had a snake in the house the other day… named him Jake

  5. Your rice salads look amazing! Thanks for reminding me how much I enjoy rice salads. I will have to make some this summer.

  6. That sounds so yummy! I love the pilaf recipe! My kind of food, totally! I love the picture in my mind I got of your dog trying to snap up those beetles! Too cute!

  7. Ulrike, I wonnder if that’s what I hear at night? Hedgehog love!
    Nicole, it’s a great dressing – on lettuce and pasta, as well… and healthy 😉
    Lannae, you’re welcome, I tend to foget them, too.
    Jenn, you ought to see the size of those beetles – over 2 inches (5cm)
    Tanna, yeah, summer is made for 2’frs

  8. I love salads in summer, and my family has to taste my variations. so I like your idea to cook once and eat twice. :))

  9. Helene, during summer we want to be outside enjoying it so cooking so I try to do a bit of cooking ahead… so I ca be outside, too!