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Germany: Castles and Cats — 11 Comments

  1. Love the DO rating scale you’ve got. I know I was one who had the idea the Germans on did the sweet wine thing but now I’ve found some that aren’t and they are good.
    I’m an air force brat and I still don’t know what all that jewlery means so feel good.

  2. Ahh, you saw nothing of “K-Town” (Kaiserslautern).
    No Saumagen, no Kornkeller, no Schlachteller, no Roten Teufel, no Pfaelzerwald, no Neustadt a.d. Weinstrasse, no Japanischer Garten, no Kammgarn, no Tals, no Bachs. Tss tss.
    Still, you made it to Idar-Oberstein; that’s a start and a good day-trip.
    Go back, why don’t you and eat something good!

  3. Tanna, Yeah, some of them really had a bunch – needed bigger chests! Maybe being an A.F. brat contributed to your wanderlust?!?
    T.P We have stayed in Kallstadt in the past, at a lovely hotel-restaurant with great food! And we’ve done some of the Weinstrasse – we just didn’t have those options this trip…otherwise occupied 😉

  4. Sorry you were so disappointed in the trip especially the food. I was there in 1974~ visiting military friends,imagine~things were different then, that’s for sure. And, English was not the language! Yes, it is true about the wine in the various colored botles. I was happy to have learned ‘one” thing from that trip way back when and that was it! Jewelry, haven’t a clue~

  5. I’ve only been to Germany once, and I don’t remember anything remarkable about the food. Then again, I was there for only one day! At least you got wine….

  6. Jann, actually the trip was fun! Everyone was really nice and (don’t tell anyone but..) with the fantastic 5 course menus in France before and after we needed a ‘food’ break. I’ll write about the French part soon 😉
    Lydia, we usually visit in fall and winter and the game dishes with red cabbage are fantastic! We always get the wine….

  7. I think that the bottles with cats on it really do qualify for WCB! Absolutely WCB. I am sorry to hear about the bad “for Americans” food you had. I hate when food is dumbed down and served in huge portions for Americans. Yuck.

  8. I love the cat visage on the bottle of riesling auslese, I bet that does go good with raclette!

  9. Lannae, okay, I’ll submit and see what happens LOL.
    Meredith, it’s wonderful! And with foie gras, too! Almost makes we wish for winter…but then with our weather lately it almost IS winter!

  10. BTW: This part of Germany is totally different from where I live! No castles only manors, no wine, just beer!

  11. Ulrike, I should have stuck to the beer at the restaurants… the stuff they poured by the glass was not good!