It’s all about Me! TMI (Too much information) — 9 Comments

  1. Very interesting. However, the main thing that caught my eye was the 29 YEARS! I thought you were only about in your thirties, not sure why. so did you get married when you were a baby? (You do not have to answer that questions, but I was quite surprised. Obviously you have a very “young” personality online.

  2. Well, I really slipped up when I didn’t ask for your answer to that last question!! So please, pretty please ….
    And I’m with Kalyn. . . 29 years . . . I thought you were in your 30s! How fun.

  3. I enjoyed reading every question and some I read over twice…just to make certain I was reading it correctly-I adore your humor! Thank god, you have it~too many serious writers these days…..if you do find that handsome man in Paris, see if he has a brother. Just add a few more years, mine is 33…… bliss!

  4. Ahhh, Kalyn, I really am only 29. We were pledged at birth. And there are times when I feel even younger…. I have an aunt who just turned 92. She can’t figure out how she can possibly be that old when she doesn’t feel it and is quite sure she shouldn’t be.
    Pille, yeah, that was fun! We did some serious partying in those 2 years.
    I don’t know, Tanna. Maybe I’ll see if I still have the paper and do a post on it sometime. (My mother, angry and embarrased though she was, saved it for me)(Actually the whole town where I grew up was angry and embarrased…. except for the few who thought it was hilarious)
    Jann, if they’re really good lookin age is irrelevant…..

  5. We are all 29, right?
    I am just so intrigued and delighted with all this! Good job, Tanna! You should be a journalist.
    Katie, you must move to Paris so we can meet for lunch next trip. Never mind the younger guy. I’ve always preferred older men…

  6. Random thoughts on your interview.
    Maintaining the same exercise program for 25 years is something to be very proud of.
    Paris, Ha!
    I am most impressed with your ability to take on the world and move to other countries. Wow! Amazing. How do you do it? I can not imagine!
    I hope my next endeavor will help others too.
    Suggestions on where to live: Spain (never been but wanna go and then I might have a place to stay) Central or South America (I saw a presentation on Columbia on Monday. Stunning!)

  7. ps. cute ‘little’ dogs.
    we have a cute ‘little’ border collie who just had her summer cut. I’ll send pics when I get a moment.