Pasta for the Other Half: Caramelized Onion Lasagne — 12 Comments

  1. I’d like this with no ham, and twice the cheese! A great recipe for cooler weather than we’re having in Rhode Island right at the moment. Who says there is no global warming??

  2. Katie you’ve made Lasagne funny but made it seriously good with all that caramelised onions! Excellent.

  3. I love carmelized onions with anything. Just a big bowl of them and I could eat the whole thing! They are like candy! Nice lasagne!

  4. This looks delicious~I can eat this sort of meal no matter what hemisphere I am in. Did you get all the weeding completed?

  5. Oh my heavens! I’m wimpering here. That lasagna has reduced me to a drooling mess. Sigh. Trade ya a bagel for some lasagna??

  6. Pille, I can’t abide raw onions, but, caramelized I could eat by the panful…and often do 😉
    Lydia, how about some smoked salmon? That would be decadent – and more cheese!
    Tanna, we aim to please…it was seriously good.
    Jann, don’t ask about the weeding. A couple of hours a day, every day all summer…maybe I’ll be close to done! Maybe I should have a garden party and invite all the foodie bloggers to come and weed!?!
    Jenn, Add some cheese to that bowl and is’t better than candy (and won’t rot your teeth…oh wait, that was sex…wrong metaphor)
    Sher, if you can figure out how to get it all through customs I’m game. I just sent foie gras to a cousin in the U.S. and he actually got it! I’m amazed it got past the sniffer dogs! Must have been an off day…

  7. LOL – love your spin on life and will definitely be trying this version of lasagna when the weather changes. Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights.

  8. Betty, I wonder how long we are going to have to wait for summer? And I hope we don’t get it with 45C temps when it comes!
    Ruth, yes, do try it – in cool weather….

  9. Yes I am one of those tucking into nice warming food. this would be an interesting change. LIke a ham cheese and onion sandwich… Nice idea the caramelized onions

  10. Gilli, it is very comforting. It’s been such a wretched summer where we live I think I’m going to cancel it and go back to winter.