Salads and Cabbage: It’s not just for Cole Slaw! — 16 Comments

  1. It’s true that we don’t eat cabbage nearly as much as we should. Perhaps it’s that gassy quality that keeps us away. I do love summer cole slaw (though my hubby does not — and it’s hard to make just a little bit of cole slaw!), and I use bok choy in stir fry dishes all the time, but otherwise I rarely think of cabbage. Thanks for this lovely recipe and a good reminder that cabbage is something that should find its way to the table more often.

  2. I agree that cabbage deserves more respect. I have some in my crisper right now so I better go make something with it. (Actually, I do need some lunch.) This sounds good and it’s a little similar to a recipe for Vietnamese coleslaw that I got from Glenna, who I think may have swiped it from Sher (although I could be wrong about that last part!) Anyway, great minds thinking alike and all that.

  3. I am catering a luncheon in early August (3rd year) and need to find NEW combinations of salads and this looks perfect. I’ll try it and let you know if it gets added as one meat salads.

  4. I think I have had a salad similar to this and it is absolutley the best~this is one that “Pookah” would really want to try. Having your fresh veggies though, is the best of all~ you are so fortunate to have that terrific garden!

  5. You are so right. We love cabbage, but I stopped serving it a few years ago, favoring fancier cabbage relatives. But, it can’t be beat for a lovely sweet crunch–and they have great staying power in the crisper. I love that recipe!!! I adore Asain salads made with cabbage, so thank you a million times over for this!

  6. Had a craving for coleslaw last week, so bought the “diced” variety (time is of the essence around here right now!), and mixed up a buttermilk dressing…lighter than the straight mayo stuff, and tasty too! I agree, we don’t eat enough of it!

  7. Lydia, we eat such a high fiber diet that I don’t notice the cabbage…
    Kalyn, it might be good as a cole slaw, I’ll have to think about that one.
    Jenn, it’s summer – all salads are my kind..
    Pookah, I anxiously await your opinion!
    Jann, the garden is great…especially once it’s all planted… (finally!)
    Sher, we did the same, cabbage was so yesterday….but I’m glad I’m rediscovering it.

  8. Farmgirl, I can’t get buttermilk, but I wonder if yougurt would work…I’ll have to do some experimenting.

  9. Yums! I like anything Asian! I was smiling at the sentence: “Buying a cabbage is a commitment, especially if you are only cooking for two.” I totally feel the same way! Thanks for sharing about the goodness of cabbage. I always thought green vegetables are the best.

  10. Riana, let me know what you do with it – I know it will be creative….
    Simcooks, thatnks for stopping by. It IS a commitment, esp. here. They always seem so huge and my German Catholic childhood forbids waste. (Fortunately a compost pile is not waste – it’s recycling)

  11. I love cabbage salads. And not only German Sauerkraut. So this is a must try. I´ll tell you as soon as I tried this one. Nice to hear of your German childhood, where did you spent it?:))

  12. Helene, in the area I grew up in, in Wisconsin, one was either German, Norwegian or both. My mother was German and my father Norwegian. A lot of the older generation still spoke whichever language and made the old traditional foods.