Sunday Brunch: Then and Now — 15 Comments

  1. Ok, I can take a hint. Wisconsin Sunday brunches it is! I’ll work on a post.
    Meanwhile, I ate breakfast out Friday, Saturday and Sunday, as it was a busy weekend between socializing and getting back to normal. They were sort of late, so they might qualify as brunch.
    Friday: Eggs Over Easy with Tomato Juice, Hash Browns and Bacon
    Saturday: Farmer’s Omelet with Croissant and Tomato Juice
    Sunday: Potato Pancakes with Applessauce, Sour Cream and Sausage
    Now, back to Canadian bacon and tomatoes. Don’t want the Wisconsin derriere to get any bigger…

  2. I love eating breakfast out in the U.S.!
    Sunday’s sounds fantastic…as does the omelet and croissant…
    As to the Wisconsin derriere (dairy air – remember that? Of course you do) that’s why I don’t do Brunch!

  3. Oh, great! Now my hypochondriac of a wife can worry that maybe she has another ailment.
    Great post though. But where is this place you used to eat and how can I get there on my next visit?
    Thanks for playing the meme game!

  4. Oh my! Okay, I’m game but I’ve got to say right up front, we don’t eat brunch at my house. Well, sometimes the oatmeal turns into oatmeal pancakes. And sometimes the oatmeal gets eaten a bit later than breakfast time of a lazy Sunday morning. But pretty much it’s oatmeal, seven days a week.
    I’ve prepared brunches for others on special occasions though, so I will write about that. Sigh, guess that means I’ll have to “do” a brunch, doesn’t it? :))
    Thanks for the tag, Katie!

  5. I think I’ve got housecleaning-induced anaphylaxis! Now that I’ve read your link, seriously!
    Maybe I’ll try an antihistamine next time I decide to vacuum.
    (Or should I just let Cranky keep doing it?)
    Brunch chez nous: A glass of prossecco. Layabouts!

  6. Paul, tell Freya not to worry – it’s a condition that comes up and slaps you in the face…hard… so no need to worry. LOL It’s in Mpls I’d tell you the name, but… if you go, don’t tell them you know me…
    Christine, I need to eat more oatmeal (OMG, that’s a telling statement) maybe with strawberries to make it summery… Can’t wait to see what you come up with.
    CC – I’d let Cranky do it. Why mess up a good thing? I like your brunch!

  7. Great post. I too have memories of sleeping off a Sunday brunch. Oh, but they were good! We used to go to a French place (this was in California) and eat big crepes filled with shrimp or chicken, artichokes, cream sauce, and salads, and wine or Champagne…sigh.

  8. I could go for a slice of prime rib, that would be just delicious for my next sunday brunch.

  9. Ilva, yeah, they were worth it!
    Lisa, Wow, that sounds really good! I can almost feel a nap coming on…
    Meredith, one of the few things I miss here – big slabs of rare Prime Rib!

  10. What a wonderful post! I’m sorry you can’t have those elaborate brunches anymore. Neither can I! It’s shredded wheat with bran for me now. Or steel cut oatmeal. But, we have our memories. Oh, now I remember eating scrambled eggs and smoked chubs from Door County in Wisconsin when I was in my 20’s. Sob!

  11. Jann, the nap is a must, esp. after the champagne…which is also a must!
    Sher, sucks, doesn’t it? When I was a teen I worked in a restaurant and had huge bowls of mashed potatoes and tons of gravy for snacks. And not: Bran Flakes…. not fair!

  12. Thanks for participating! I will talk about your post in my round-up, after the 30th of June…
    I had a very good read! Sorry to hear that you can have those great brunches anymore.

  13. Hi Rosa, I didn’t know you were doing a round-up – I’ll add a link to your site!
    Thanks – and thanks for stopping by!