Vegetables and Heart Healthy Living — 10 Comments

  1. That lentil salad looks amazing! I love the combination of lentils with feta cheese, especially a nice mild French feta we’ve been getting from our local Syrian grocery.

  2. Thanks Lydia, I love lentils in any form … and cheese…
    Ilva, thanks, I’m looking forward to lots more yummy veggies! Great event!

  3. Oh Katie, I am in love with both of these. Some dishes you can just read ingredients and know it’s going to be wonderful. This is one of those dishes!

  4. Why this is a feast fit for a king! You really can find the best things to eat and always with health in mind~i love lentils and never thought about adding the cheese to the top~why not!

  5. Thank you Katie.Thank you so much for these healthy recipes.They are delicious:)))

  6. Tanna, Thank the gods that we can’t gain weight from reading recipes! LOL
    Jann, Any excuse for a bit of cheese! It’s easier to eat healthily with so many watching eyes….
    Thanks, Steven, I hope you enjoy – and thanks for stopping by!

  7. Katie, I really like the lentil salad as I’ve found it to be a hard ingredient to cook with.
    I’ll put this in my file to try soon!

  8. love that lentil salad. I actually copied this recipe long time ago and is a favorite now by our family. Thanks again.