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How not to cut a bean; and Herbed Chicken — 18 Comments

  1. My mother didn’t cook at all — in fact, she looked down her nose at cooking — so even if yours brings criticism with her, it’s still better to have someone who’s willing to be in the kitchen with you. I think….

  2. Mothers …
    You are collecting a lot of great sayings from your Mom and even with the comments it sounds like you’re able to have fun. My mom had a limited range of things she did and I think that might have a lot to do with the food business. Stores didn’t carry a lot of variety, tomatos had to travel and look pretty. She certainly enjoyed it when I did “strange” stuff.
    The chickens look wonderful. I’m always impressed that somethings can look burnt and taste not burnt and really good.

  3. This is interesting because my mom was also a competent cook, but she didn’t cook with any kind of passion, as I try to do. Of course, to be 100% fair, she had ten kids to take care of, so I’m amazed she even got food on the table at all some days.
    As soon as I saw this had fresh tarragon I could tell I loved this version of chicken with summer herbs! Just delicious.

  4. Katie, I thinlk that it was great how patient you were with your mom and her comments. This recipe sounds great.
    I’m sorry to hear about your father. My dad passed away about 9 year ago. I still miss him very much.

  5. Wendy, were you the one that always got out of doing the dishes?
    Lydia, I actually did learn a lot of practical stuff – even if she thought olive oil was for polishing Easter eggs…and soothing ear aches..
    Tanna, when I was a child we didn’t have to TRY to eat locally – that’s what we ate – and seasonally, too. LOL
    Kalyn, anyone who manages to feed 10 kids every day is amazing! Tarragon is good!
    Nora, I miss mine too, and I smile when I remember how incredibly patient HE always was with my mother… makes me laugh!

  6. My mother was a great cook and she even managed not to have opinions about my cooking and the way I went about it but then she was truly great when it came to leave us children our own space. But I do recognize what you write about from my MIL, she does have opinions, especially about how her daughter does things! How good of you to be so patient! That’s amore! And I miss my father a LOT too!

  7. I can really relate to this. Having moved to FL and close to my mom, we spend an awful lot of time together in the kitchen cooking. We both like to cook, we are both good cooks and we both learned from my grandmother. So I have taken those recipes and really run with them. Mom likes to stay close the original recipes…needless to say, we have an awful lot of these conversations.
    Your chicken looks great by the way!

  8. I bet all the fresh herbs really are great with the bbq chicken. I love hickory wood smoked chicken with a little mesquite thrown in at the end. Yum!

  9. Katie, your little hens look really fabulous! However, I would think you would have wanted to put those herbs, etc., into the food processor to make the paste. 🙂
    Sorry, couldn’t resist. A comment from my mother, when I braised a leg of lamb with bacon and a kind of tomatoey-veggie sauce for Christmas: “Honey, this is delicious, but next time maybe you could just make a regular roast leg of lamb, without the heavy sauce.”
    They’re pistols, these mothers, aren’t they?
    My husband roasted a chicken on the grill the other night; he used hardwood charcoal and some wood chips also, and he even put fresh thyme and cut-up lemons inside it (am I training him, or what?!). Wish I’d gotten a photo, but we just tore into it.

  10. Lannae, we use apple wood chips – ’cause we have old apple trees that need to be cut down! They are quite nice (as the Brit’s would say)
    Ilva, for some reason my mother is much more, um, concerned with how I do things than my older sister or either sil – just luck, I guess LOL. Dad’s are still there, watching us….
    Jenn, Ah yes, the difference can make for scnitillating converstions…
    Lisa, you’re absolutley right..If I HAD a food processor! I had (past tense) a lovely Cuisinart, but it was 110 current and hauling out the transformer to chop herbs… not worth it. Besides, I’m pretty sure mon mari, who is great at cleaning and tossing, got rid of it a few years back. (He once threw away my sewing machine – there could be a post there…) Love your mom’s comment… I can actually hear it… and kudos on the hubby training

  11. I enjoy hearing about other mothers and cooking/kitchen stories. My mom does not cook but, luckily, she offered – and I took – her advice to marry a cook instead!
    Great post, Katie, thanks!

  12. My mom and I started loving to cook at about the same time. I get more of that kind of commenting from my MIL when I cook. But then she’ll brag to others about my cooking, so it can’t be all that bad.

  13. Well done, Pam!
    Thanks, Peter, and they add such wonderful flavor..
    Meredith, typical, huh? Critic to your face but brag to others…. oh well, second hand compliments are better than none!

  14. My mom often told me I was born in the wrong century. I love to cook. She did not. I love old things. She wanted everything new. I love to go to flea markets/tag sales/estate sales. She most definitely did not! But the things I DID learn from her are priceless. Sure do miss my mom. Gone to be with the Lord over 8 years ago.

  15. Thank you, Chocolate Lady!
    Farmgirl, much the same here! My mother almost had a fit when she saw me keeping flour in a ‘susan’. I thought it was a fun antique….