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Rainy Days and Mondays: Summertime and the Cooking is Easy… — 20 Comments

  1. Now I feel really guilty that I didn’t sort through my photos while it rained today …

  2. Ulrike, it’s my first time making it and I loved it – it is sooo easy!
    Joanna, if it makes you feel any better I didn’t finish..

  3. I was reading through and thinking – that one, that one, that one – ahh – forget it – they all look deeeee-lish! I love the idea of fried carrots – never thought to prepare them that way.

  4. Katie, the carrots are inspired, really like that idea. The fruit and yogurt is often our dinner dessert when it isn’t my lunch. The two potato grill packs look so wonderfully gooy, just my style. The sausage, well, sausage are sooo good and your are really lovely on that bed of onions and peppers. Thick oven olive oil oven fried potatoes – whee now that’s divine!
    I’ll skip the Plum Clafoutis as I’m just to puffed from all the others.
    The cleaning, I just piccked up the vacumn from repair so I guess I’d best be busy here. You finish first and come on over.

  5. Katie, did my post inspire you a little, LOL? I’m impressed that you remember what these dishes are! I love your descriptions of them and the “recipes.”
    I don’t mind organizing digital photos, though. I find it less daunting than dealing with the paper variety…

  6. You’ve made me feel lazy. Off to sort out that tardis of a cupboard in my room…
    Love the carrot recipe!

  7. You make me so hungry! And me too I love the carrot recipe. If I help clean closets will you feed me? 🙂

  8. What great fun bringing “out” those photos! Plus remembering the recipes? I don’t think I could do that. Love the plum clafoutis. I’ve only made cherry. Now I’ve got to try this.

  9. Now I am starving after reading this post!! You really should write a cookbook!!

  10. Chris, I got the idea for the carrots from a slow-cooking beef, ‘winter dish’… since I nibble on them while I’m making that dish I decided they’d be good on their own!
    Lydia, I think I’m up to spring cleaning, 1999 about now… a wee bit behind!
    Truffle, I try… and thank you!
    Tanna, only if you provide wine… and have finished the ‘hoovering’!
    Betty, yes, you inspired me… now inspire me to finish! It wouldn’t be so bad if there weren’t so many…of the same thing!
    Wendy, I don’t even want to think about the closets/cupboards/dresers. So, I won’t!
    Meredith, you clean, I’ll feed! Actually, it would probably go faster to have a ‘stranger’ do it…all the old crap could be thrown out – no sentimental value. LOL
    Christine, that’s is the trick – remembering what it is…thankfully, they have a date on them… Never made cherry, I hear you are supposed to leave the stones in and I just think of mon mari’s teeth…
    Riana, only if you test the recipes… heh, heh!

  11. Yum! What delicious recipes!!
    I came here from a comment you made on another blog because aI saw you were a katiez too! (I’m kateyz)

  12. I love every single thing you made here. Absolutely every single thing! And gratin potatoes on a grill? Girl, you rock!

  13. Kathleen, (I’m Kathleen, too) Thanks for stopping by… – love your blog!
    Toni, we do everything (almost) on the grill in summer (not boiling pasta) so I’ve gotten creative 😉

  14. OK, so If I come and clean, you’ll cook meals like those photos? If I can find someone to take care of the cats, birds, and squirrels, I’m so there!
    I think your priorities are just perfect, by the way! Doesn’t everyone take pictures of their food all the time?

  15. It’s a deal, Sher!
    Mon mari ‘prefers’ I don’t take pictures of my food in nice restaurants…. Why, some of the comments he has made about it are positively unfavorable! So, I have to be sneaky 😉

  16. Hardly boring! What an array of delectable dishes. And oh, those sausages and peppers! I adore sausages and peppers. Love your potatoes with Gruyere and rosemary — must steal that one.

  17. Lisa, we eat sausages and peppers lots…. and the Gruyere potatoes is mon mari’s favorite (and one of mine, I’m too fickle to have just one favorite…)