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Mississippi Mud Cats, Irish Mussels and Moules Gratiné — 17 Comments

  1. Katie-great story and a great recipe, I enjoyed both! Thanks for participating this month too!

  2. Wonderful post! I remember the first time someone presented me with a bucket of mussels and told me to clean them — I had no idea what to do. Thanks for a great description and beautiful recipe.

  3. Seafood takes me back to my roots:Rhode Island. Lobster, crab, chowda,clams on the half shell, and steamer clams. I can get some things fresh here, but for the most part, we would have to go to an expensive seafood restaurant to eat like we used to back in R.I. Mmmm…maybe Red Lobster this weekend?

  4. Ilva, thanks, I look forward to lots of good recipes. It’s a great event!
    Lydia, I was absolutely clueless! I still can’t get into those kids eating them raw… they were definitely fresh!
    Farmgirl, all foreign to me in the midwest! I still have never eaten clams (other than chowda) There are a lot of bi-valves here that I am clueless about, too!

  5. I so enjoyed your stories of your childhood in the Missippissi as well as that charming tale of the self-serve mussels in Ireland! 🙂 And those mussels gratine look delicious!

  6. Excellent Katie!
    There’s a veggie stand in Michigan near our cabin that puts out a cash box and leaves it unattended. Seems to work and has wonderful fruits & veggies.
    Your Moules Gratiné looks fantastic!

  7. Excellent post! I njoyed reading about your adventures in the Mississippi river. This is a great recipe, and a nice change from my usual mussel broth. I’ll try it next time I make mussels, which is about twice a month.
    p/s: These days, I buy mussels that are “pot ready” (scrubbed and bearded) because I have no time to mess around with them in the sink. It really saves me time.

  8. Hi Katie
    Of course NZ is famous for mussels…heralded in fact by Mario Batalli on his Molto Mario TV programme.
    Your recipe sounds delicious I shall have to make it. By the way in the country here there are still honesty boxes for vege. Hope that lasts

  9. Thanks, Joey, I hope the ‘Musselman’ is still there 😉
    Tanna, I love the idea of working cash boxes! It makes us seem so civilized…
    Nora, occasionally I can find them ‘pot ready’ and I grab them. There usually only about 50 cents more and it’s worth it!
    Gilli, yes I know about your famous mussels, even had them once (they deserve their reputation). Ours are much smaller. And you have honesty boxes, too – how wonderful! Must visit NZ!

  10. I love mussels but don’t get them fresh very often.
    I can’t believe you hung up your fishing pole.
    I keep mine pretty close by.

  11. Sue, I have to admit that I never cleaned the fish – my dad always had to. Lucky for him I never caught many…but, then, fishing isn’t neccessarily about the fish, is it?

  12. Great story. My first fish was a crappie and my daughter caught her first one last summer in Minnesota off a dock on a pop-can rod. She was so excited. But my experience with seafood was limited to Long John Silvers, until I moved to Hawaii…

  13. Meredith, Crappies are good… sunnies are better! You lived in Hawaii? Lucky you. My bil & sil live on the Kona coast! Love visiting them – freshly picked white pineapple…. and ono

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