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Zucchini, Courgette, Whatever, They’re Coming…. — 22 Comments

  1. I never really ate zucchinis at all before moving to France, but now I love them. I make gratins & quiches with them, stuff them, soak them in balsamic vinegar and grill them, etc. Like you said – so versatile! Your recipe sounds delicious, I just might have to try it out tomorrow night…

  2. They are wonderful in a spring roll also!
    When the boys & I stayed with my motherinlaw in Michigan the neighbor across the road had a huge garden and yes zucchinis were always to be found in a box by the mailbox. She made zucchini cake one day and muffins the next and they boys ate each all gone everyday! Boys are good for that.

  3. Sam, I never ate them in the U.S either… mustn’t be a Minnesota thing….
    Tanna, yeah, boys are great – they’ll eat anything… and everything!
    Ulrike – no COURGETTE?!? If I thought they’d survive the trip I’d send them off tomorrow!
    Glad to be of help, Peter 😉

  4. Very funny post and great looking pasta! I can’t wait to try it. Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights.

  5. My courgette glut is easing off now but I will try this before there are none left!
    Know what you mean about the seed thing. My main problem this year was over planting.

  6. This looks really good. I am really enjoying the zucchinis so far this year. I love using peanut butter in recipes though I have never tried it in a pasta dish.

  7. Well, that is certainly going into my “recipe box”. it’s looks marvelous. And those zucchini’s are lovely–they almost look like they’ve been polished! 🙂

  8. Ruth, thanks, and have fun at the conference… wish I were there!
    Wendy, that garden just looks so EMPTY in the spring… and your glut is over? Awwww!
    Kevin, I never had before, either. That’s what happens when one is staring at the pantry, with yet another zucchini…
    Moi aussi, Lydia, one can’t have too many… unlike the zucchini (one can!)
    Truffle, it is flavorful… kind of ugly, though…
    I did NOT polish my zucchini… although that could be something else they could be used for…. Do you still have a ‘recipe box’? I do (hangs head in… either shame or glee…)

  9. You are so right. Zucchini has to be one the most versatile vegetables of all. Pretty much any way to make it, it’s delicious. Love the flavors in your dish and wish I had some right about now.

  10. Susan, thank the gods it’s versatile…since thay also made it soooo prolific! And, thanks, I was pleased with the way the flavors blended….
    Chris, I didn’t eat it until we moved here – thought it was bland and worthless 😉
    The dressing would be good on anything Asian..

  11. This looks like a recipe that I can quickly whip up because I have all those iungredients. I love zucchinni!

  12. Glad to oblige, Christine…. hope you like it!
    Nora, kind of a summer pantry/garden easy dinner… as long as mon mari doesn’t eat all of the peanut butter

  13. Wow, peanut butter, vinegar and mustard… very unique combination that looks like the past wont end up being so sticky and heavy…. And that pic.. gotta try this one