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A French Meme! Pour Moi? Mais Oui! — 8 Comments

  1. I love it! I should send you some books, I am purging my house. Dark chocolate is the best. I love how you got the word wh*re in there too, LOL. That should be part of the meme, that you have to use some of the same words. Hee heee! Bisous, Riana

  2. Thanks, Riana! Mon mari is threatening physical harm if I don’t curb my book acquiring…fortunately I don’t believe him!
    This was fun!

  3. That was an interesting read, thanks for sharing & for writing it in English. 🙂 I also love dark choc and agree that milk choc is wasted calories. I’ve never heard of exercise-induced anaphylaxis before. It’s good that you’ve learnt to manage that. I like exercising before dinner, it enhances my appetite (not that it needs any help!).

  4. I liked reading and knowing more about you, we would have ridden our bikes over the bridge, too 🙂
    If you ever worked for IBM in Rochester you may have crossed some of my relatives.

  5. Nora, always the dark choc! My appetiti doesn’t need any help, either….
    Sher, Damn, did I leave that in…. I actually like Woodie, too…
    Meredit, No, didn’t work for IBM… used to go bar hopping in Roch, though… I grew up less than an hour away!

  6. I loved reading this! I have never heard of exercise-induced anaphylaxis – that’s horrible – but…can I use that reason and not go to the gym?
    And I laughed your thoughts on big dogs! I love big dogs – and giggle at lap dogs..

  7. Chris, Yes, it’s weird! I had it for 5 years before the doc’s figured it out. Joggers were dropping dead in New York from it and my doc’s finally put it all together. Which was great! I was a couch potato for those 5 years, then joined a gym to kind of build up immunity…. it sort of worked… so, you can try the excuse, but…
    Lap dogs… they’re not really dogs, you know…