A French Meme! Pour Moi? Mais Oui!

I've been tagged…. In French!

Apparently this is what happens when one declares oneself French.   But, if Riana, of Garlic Breath,  the lovely lady who tagged me, can answer in English so can I!

Interspersed with my answers, and having no relationship whatsoever to the questions, are some photos of the bike ride we had on Thursday.  It was a lovely day and we drove down to the Isle de Re (just offshore from La Rochelle).  Rather than pay the 16.50 euro to drive over the bridge, we parked and rode our bikes over.  How very French 😉Islederebridgeangle

It was low tide when we arrived, thus the boats, people and trucks out on the sand.  High tide when we left, covering the mussel posts and oyster beds. 

Now, for the meme:

Quelle est votre situation de famille?

I live in a tiny hamlet, deep in French farm country, with mon mari, of 28 years, and 2 very large girl dogs.  The rest of the the family is state-side, mainly Wisconsin and Minnesota, don'cha know!

Quelle est votre date d'anniversaire?

I was born on the Glorious Twelfth!  (August 12) In my humbleness, when I first heard that phrase, I thought it was lovely that the world honored the day of my birth.  Imagine my shock when I was told that it refers to the opening of grouse hunting season in the U.K.

Vivez vous en ville ou à la campagne?

In the country.  We have cows and chickens for neighbors and see deer in the fields.  We know there are fox but have only seen the results of their nocturnal ramblings.  And I have a rabbit living in my irises.

Quels métiers exercez vous ou avez vous exercés?

I was a geek before it was cool.  I started out programming and selling programmable calculators (yeah, I'm that old), then moved on to mainframes when computers were still mainframes.  I've been dabbling in computers ever since!   I oversaw the D.P.  (Information Technology used to be Data Processing) department for mon mari's company.  I never owned a pocket protector.

Avez vous des allergies?

Oui! A rather serious and obscure one, actually.  Exercise-induced anaphylaxis.  If I exercise, even a walk, after I eat, I get an allergic reaction that can vary from mild hives to life-threatening anaphylactic shock – no pulse, no blood pressure. I've made some great exits from dinner dances before I figured out how to (usually) control it.  Scary opening your eyes to a priest giving last rites….  One effort to control it is to exercise every single day – before eating; which is one reason why I sometimes have lunch at 4:30….even when I'm not in Spain!Isledere

Quelle est votre odeur préférée?

Lily of the Valley, fresh mountain air, fresh spring farm country – but NOT after they use the commercial, liquid manure….blech!

Aimez vous les sucreries?

I like sweets, but don't normally have them in the house.  We would both eat them and neither of us needs the extra calories.  If given a choice between an apple pie and a fresh tomato stuffed with tuna…I'd take the tomato.

Si oui, quelles sont vos préférées?

I absolutely love dark chocolate, the darker the better… which means that when I buy it, it's all mine.  Mon mari prefers milk (wasted calories).

Quels sont vos goûts culinaires?

Italian food.  I adore risottos and pastas!  I also love slow cooked French food: Coq au Vin, Braised Provencal Beef.   And all of the wonderful Spanish dishes with 'alubias'.  Ah hell, I'm a food whore: I like it all! 

Quel genre de musique aimez vous?

Shall we say my taste in music is somewhat eclectic?  I love classical, opera, Celtic (Enya, Loreena McKennitt, Steve McDonald), New Age, The Grateful Dead and Arlo Guthrie.  Oh and Thomas Otten (high-octave vocalist)

Quelle est votre couleur préférée?

Blues and lavenders

Quelle est votre saison préférée?

Autumn, with the last of the summer vegetables and the first crisp apples…. and the start of  winter cooking

Collectionnez vous un objet quelconque?

I used to collect paperweights, decorative tins and Baccarat and Lalique crystal – but that was in another life.  Now I collect rocks, rubber clogs and gardening gloves.

Quel magazine lisez vous?

Saveur, Cooking Light, Conde Nast Traveler,  Disover, The Mensa Bulletin – oh yeah, and The Little Green Rag…

Quel est votre style vestimentaire?Islederebridge_2

Old – I'm afraid I'm becoming an anacronym!  But they were good clothes; I hate to part with them…  As to new: L.L. Bean and the local farm store.  I like to call it 'country farm chic'.

Pratiquez vous une activité manuelle?

Cooking and gardening, of course, but I'm also an avid reader of anything and everything.  I dabble in colored pencil drawing, water colors, needlepoint, crocheting and knitting (while watching T.V.) and Sudoku, the harder the better!

Quel est votre animal préféré?
Dogs.  Big dogs.  If you have to bend over to pet them they're not really dogs, only cats in disguise...

Quels sont vos loisirs?

I love to travel, any where, any way: car trips, train trips, even flying.  The best part of the travel is eating fantastic food in wonderful restaurants.

Comment décorez vous intérieur?

French farm house

Avez vous une liste de cadeaux en ligne?

Amazon, of course… see the part about me reading anything and everything.  Thankfully, I am happy to re-read.  Some books I've read as many as a dozen times.  I couldn't afford to keep me in new books, 3 – 4 per week.  Sometimes, when I'm really bored I just start reading all of my books…in alphabetical order….  Yikes, what does that say about me?

Good time to wrap this up!
Almost forgot – I'll pass this French Meme along to two more American expats in France – Sam and Betty and any one else that would like to play!

8 thoughts on “A French Meme! Pour Moi? Mais Oui!”

  1. I love it! I should send you some books, I am purging my house. Dark chocolate is the best. I love how you got the word wh*re in there too, LOL. That should be part of the meme, that you have to use some of the same words. Hee heee! Bisous, Riana

  2. Thanks, Riana! Mon mari is threatening physical harm if I don’t curb my book acquiring…fortunately I don’t believe him!
    This was fun!

  3. That was an interesting read, thanks for sharing & for writing it in English. 🙂 I also love dark choc and agree that milk choc is wasted calories. I’ve never heard of exercise-induced anaphylaxis before. It’s good that you’ve learnt to manage that. I like exercising before dinner, it enhances my appetite (not that it needs any help!).

  4. I liked reading and knowing more about you, we would have ridden our bikes over the bridge, too 🙂
    If you ever worked for IBM in Rochester you may have crossed some of my relatives.

  5. Nora, always the dark choc! My appetiti doesn’t need any help, either….
    Sher, Damn, did I leave that in…. I actually like Woodie, too…
    Meredit, No, didn’t work for IBM… used to go bar hopping in Roch, though… I grew up less than an hour away!

  6. I loved reading this! I have never heard of exercise-induced anaphylaxis – that’s horrible – but…can I use that reason and not go to the gym?
    And I laughed your thoughts on big dogs! I love big dogs – and giggle at lap dogs..

  7. Chris, Yes, it’s weird! I had it for 5 years before the doc’s figured it out. Joggers were dropping dead in New York from it and my doc’s finally put it all together. Which was great! I was a couch potato for those 5 years, then joined a gym to kind of build up immunity…. it sort of worked… so, you can try the excuse, but…
    Lap dogs… they’re not really dogs, you know…

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