Barbecued Chicken Salad…and cave-drawing instruments — 11 Comments

  1. Those sausages are pretty, um, incredible. You won’t need to run out and buy any pencils or crayons for awhile, eh?
    The salad recipe, though, looks amazing!

  2. I’m giggling — after all, we’ve all grilled something like those sausages at some time or another! On the other hand, the chicken looks lovely and so does the salad.

  3. Genie, yeah, um, incredible…even the dogs wouldn’t eat them…. Salad, Good!
    Lydia, sad to say, this was not the first time…it was the first time that my camera was there, though….

  4. The chicken and the salad look good. I really like a savory meat on a bed of salad.

  5. Chris, They look familiar, huh?
    Thanks, Kevin, We really enjoy ‘main dish’ salads with just about anything on top!
    Laugh away Wendy, you’re turn may come…

  6. Katie that is a wonderful looking salad! Oh, how I wish I’d been there for a plate.
    The sausage photo is priceless!!

  7. have you ever used the George Foreman grills? I am racing alot and do not have an outdoor grill at my apartment?Diane