Green Beans for the Olfactory Impaired — 12 Comments

  1. Lydia is right,never too much garlic. I bet these beans will not get overlooked, they sound just great!

  2. Hi Katie, luckily all my family members are immune garlic lovers. 🙂 I like green beans, this looks like a terrific way to serve them.

  3. Yum! Yum Yum! Could there be anything tastier than garlic chips? Yes, in fact there can be – this recipe! Sounds wonderful Katie! I am so happy to be among the garlic-immune!

  4. Oh, tagging this to make as soon as possible! Wow. The photo is wonderful too. It all looks so succulent.
    I’m with you on the garlic. At one time, I was eating a raw clove every day. I was sitting next to my sister at the movies, and she said, “You smell like . . . pickles or something?!” I decided at that point that maybe I was overdoing it. Anyway, I adore fried garlic. What could be better?

  5. Lydia, there can not be too much garlic or too many tomatoes (spoken from the tomato deprived).
    Jeni, poor little neglected things. Mon mari was pretending they were asparagus… that’s why I left them long!~
    Kalyn, they were ‘a good thing’.
    Nora, I’m lucky that at least mon mari is…don’t know about the neighbors…
    Thanks, Ilva, I have to admit it was rather a large dish and we ate the whole thing.
    JennDZ, I’ll put garlic chips on just about anything…or eat them right from the pan (for shame)
    Lisa, Hmmmm, usually raw garlic on the breath doesn’t smell like pickles to me… maybe it was just oozing out the pores? Who am I to say, I eat it raw, cooked, whatever!
    Tanna, somehow I knew that the garlic chips would be the hit of this dish – it was with us!

  6. How could I have forgotten about the green beans?? I am definitely going to have to get some this weekend. The sage and green beans combination sounds interesting. I will have to try this. Of course Prosciutto and garlic are always good.

  7. it’s recipes like these that make me sigh and wonder why my wonderful husband had to have vegetarianism as his one big flaw 🙂