Julia Child….and the road to hell~ — 15 Comments

  1. And the road to heaven would be sharing that glug with you and Julia! You’ve got her spirit spot on Katie! She’d be a blogger today.

  2. I watched all those same shows, and I think I agree with your opinion of most of the current cooking shows too! One thing Julia, Jeff Smith, and Yan all had in common was a sense of real delight with what they had created.

  3. Tanna, I think you are right, she would be a blogger – and a funny one!
    Kalyn, yeah, they all seemed to enjoy what they were doing and weren’t selling so hard.
    Plus they had fun and I had fun watching!

  4. Look at all those beans!
    I know a person that reminds me a lot of Julia Child (and in fact she studied with her): their enjoyment of life is infectious.

  5. It’m not that familiar with Julia Child since I grew up in Singapore, but I’m glad to her that she says that it’s ok to deviate from recipes. 🙂
    I like Yan can Cook, wonder what he’s up to now.

  6. Thanks for that great tribute to Julia! She was always so much fun to watch and learn from! Very nice tribute. Katie!

  7. Katie, I love your post and thank you so much for taking part. Great quote from JC about the state of current “cooking” shows. What would she say about Giada’s Esquire layout?!?! You’ve summed up her philosophy and joy in living perfectly.
    Wish I could try some of your pickles and green beans!

  8. If I remember correctly, Julia found the Saturday Night Live skit about her and the raw chicken quite hilarious! I know I did! (until too much blood was flowin’!)

  9. Lovely post.
    And, thanks for reminding me about the Galloping Gourmet – he was a hoot.

  10. Simona, That is a lot of beans! If this keeps up I’m going to start feeding the compost pile!
    Nora, Yan was so much fun! …I deviate lots (now that I have permission)
    BZ, Thanks, and no one can get the pitch quite right to say it like Julia!
    Thanks, Nirmala, she did make good cooking seem much more do-able, didn’t she!
    Jenn, thanks so much…
    Lisa, Actually, it would be very interesting to get her opinion on Giada’s pic’s…but I bet she wouldn’t say anythng…
    Thanks, joey!
    Farmgirl, I’d forgotten about that – yes, it was a scream…. and they did it so well!
    Maggie, he was worth skipping classes for, ahem…

  11. Julia’s spirit of fun is still the guiding spirit in my kitchen. I watched The Galloping Gourmet, too, but it wasn’t until Julia that I really thought cooking could be something I’d want to do. Thanks for celebrating her birthday!

  12. Lydia, we never missed the Galloping Gourmet – except during test when we had to go to class!
    But you’re right, Julia was more about cooking for real people!