Pasta with Shrimp and Avocado Sauce; sans Aphrodisiacs…. — 11 Comments

  1. It sounds to me like you are an adventurous eater–but maybe you aren’t ready for the Extreme Eating Contests! I doubt I will ever eat a cacoon. I grew up eating shrimp, so I think they are works of art. But, frankly, if I look at them objectively–they look like bugs. That’s what we call crayfish down South–bugs. And we love them. The dish looks FABULOUS!!!!!! Yum!

  2. Read an article the other day about a penis restaurant that has opened up in China. Beijing I think. I just couldn’t do it. Nope. Just couldn’t.
    Haggis is amazingly good though!

  3. I believe it is possible to be a good world traveler with putting unthinkable animal parts into your mouth! An appreciation for the fact that people in other parts of the world eat other parts of the species is all that is required.

  4. Very funny post. I love it…you forgot to mention one other Chinese delicacy – snake…I know my friends were in Hong Kong and went to a restaurant (they had no idea where their hosts were taking them) like the ones here with a tank of live fish or lobster and you can choose your own…but there it was a tank of snakes. Yikes!!!
    As for shrimp and avocado…I love them both but never thought to make a marriage of them over pasta. Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights.

  5. Sher, actually, my mother was right, they do look like grub worms…I just try not to think of it… I love’em too!
    Wendy, I rather like haggis, myself! I have a friend who went to that restuarant…. but left after the first course LOL
    Lydia, I’m very happy to appreciate as long as I don’t have to eat!
    Poonam, avocado makes a great pasta sauce! Try it…

  6. Ruth, actually I have eaten snake – in the U.S.: rattlesnake. I was told it tastes like chicken – bull, it tasted like…snake!
    (It was just a wee bit on a starter – can’t imagine actually choosing and eating a whole one….’shudder’)

  7. Lovely story, Katie. I’m glad to hear that your palette has expanded. And this recipe is terrific. I love the combination of avocado & prawns, so I would definitely enjoy this pasta. I like how it gets the creaminess from the avocado rather than regular cream. I want to make this now (but it’s 7.30am here)! Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Thanks, Nora, the avocado actually makes it creamier than cream…and lots healthier. Go ahead, have it for breakfast!
    Ulrike, a billion would do it for me, too – not a cent less! I like haggis, too!

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