Pasta with Lentils and Avocado Sauce….and lots of stairs — 15 Comments

  1. I love the post – puts my flat in a different perspective. That said you Andorra house sounds spectacular. Since my movers kept reminding me about the 48 steps and the number of trips (50 something, because I too had a ton of books to bring over).
    Enough about moving…the pasta sounds divine and I can’t wait to try it. Thanks for sharing with presto pasta nights.

  2. Sorry to say, I am going to have to give up reading your blog.
    I have enjoyed it, but it now takes so long to load or do anything in it. It hangs my PC for ages – it has taken about half an hour just to be able to do this comment.
    I am not having problems with other blogs (except one which is getting a bit slow). But I thought you might want this feedback.
    So best wishes

  3. I’m getting tired just reading about your Andorran house! Up and down, up and down — you could probably eat tons of this wonderful pasta dish and never gain an ounce!

  4. By the way, I’ve experienced the same problem as Jacqui mentions. As a Typepad user too, I’m always concerned about slow loads.

  5. Ruth, for some reason movers don’t like books….can’t imaging why!
    Thanks for letting me know, Jacqui – but don’t give up on me. I’ll look into it tomorrow… and, Lydia, I’ll let you know what I learn.
    Weight was easier to control in that house, Lydia!

  6. I love how you describe your Andorran house. And I want you to know that my husband thought your description of the spiral staircase/juxtaposition of rooms was a hoot! He completely got it!
    Regarding the time it takes for your blog to load, there are a few blogs out there that take some time, yours is one of them, Lucy’s is another. But I don’t mind because the wait is soooo worth it!

  7. Ketie, that was such an enjoyable read. Most of my life, I’ve lived in a rather small apartment in Singapore (land is scarce there, so most people live in high rise apartments). I love how your dog had a square ball!

  8. your andorra house sounds cool. i love sprawling houses with character. and with mountain views…that’s just a bonus.
    i really like the sound of the pasta dish too. goats cheese is my favourite and how can you go wrong with avocado and sausages?

  9. That looks so good. The zucchini looks worth a try too! I am so far behind and need to spend a few days catching up. To busy to read or write! We must be the same age, because I went to college in the 70’s and Julia Child’s cookbook was my first. I might have to try to make time to squeeze in a story!
    Hope you are having fun!

  10. Susan, sadly, since leaving that house I have been forced to eat less pasta… for reasons that were becoming obvious… not at all fair…
    Christine, thanks, I’m going to try to fix it… I think I’d like your husband 🙂
    Ashely, Avocado sauce is gooood!
    Nora, thanks! She also had a rag toy that didn’t roll.
    Jenn, Andorran houses are all interesting. One debate is to put the kitchen at the top for the view or at the bottom for the cooler temp.
    Thanks Mimi, nice to have you back!
    Pookah, I understand busy – your new business must be getting sooo close!
    Chris, …good!