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Stuffed Tomatoes and Toads — 21 Comments

  1. This is so bizarre! As I am reading this, I have stuffed tomatoes in the oven! I am enamored with a new cookbook find: “The Roasted Vegetable”, by Andrea Chesman. Found it at my local library after a hearty recommendation from the owner of the CSA I joined this year. This is now on my Christmas wish list, if I don’t go to Amazon and order it for myself! This particular recipe is stuffed with the tomato innards and arborio rice. YUM

  2. I adore toads and am glad you and Boris had such an instant rapport. May he and his friends keep your garden free from slugs!
    The stuffed tomato recipe looks perfect. I have all the ingredients in the house so guess what’s for dinner tomorrow?

  3. Sounds like Boris is a perfect addition to your garden! I love any kind of tomato combined with any kind of cheese — and melted cheese is the best.

  4. I have a deep love for tomatoes. Aren’t they lovely? And your stuffed tomato recipe is very inspiring!

  5. Katie, this was another enjoyable read! 🙂 Have you seen Boris again since then?
    As for this recipe, I think you should blog about whatever you like, no matter how simple it may seen because it’s about sharing the joy of food and cooking. And you’ve plated the tomato so nicely.

  6. Excellent writing.
    Does Boris sing to you at night? I am sitting here almost in the dark, listening to gosh I’d guess 25 to 30 toads. We have a small 20×20 city back yard with a fountain in it. We had the fountain easily 7 years before the toads showed up. Some time ago one night they started singing, my husband and I went out with flash lights and counted 22. It was so funny, they seemed to all freeze in the light and all looked like they were headed to the fountain.
    Love the tomato.

  7. Kevin, you are right on, no matter what you do with them – they’re good!
    Ah, Farmgirl, great minds, and all that! Thanks for the cookbook tip – I’m putting it on my wishlist, too!
    Jennifer, he was still there this morning. I have little ones in my herb garden but Boris is Big!
    Lydia, I had a big ceramic toad in Andorra and someone swiped it… Maybe it was ‘incarnated’ for this garden…
    Anh, the world would be a very dismal place without tomatoes…
    Thanks, Nora…. I will! Boris was alive and kicking this morning! I try to find him before I start walking around.
    Tanna, I have little ones in my herb garden, next to the house, which sing. Boris is too far away – at least a good par 4..
    Zorra, Cute little guys! I haven’t seen another one…or I don’t know it. Only one at a time.
    Thanks Meredith!

  8. OMG! The way you tell your encounter w/ Boris 😉 had me laughing off of my chair.
    Hope Boris follows through with your gentle suggestion to “relocate” to the bean-garden.

  9. I’d be totally freaked out if I saw a toad in the garden. No toads here though.
    The tomatoes sound just wonderful. I’d love this for sure.

  10. I don’t know what is going on, but ever since I got a new computer, once I leave a comment on your blog it won’t let us use the “back” button without re-sending the comment. So that’s why I keep leaving multiple comments in case you’re wondering. Any ideas why this is happening?

  11. So you are lucky indeed, having a toad in your garden. Enjoy him and your tomatoes too. Nice story and recipe!! :))

  12. VC, Boris has moved closer to the beans… but not close enough. At least I know he’s there. I’d hate to damage more plants with me, um, reaction!
    Kalyn, I get into such a ‘zone’ when I’m picking that anything moving startles me, doesn’t help when it’s big!
    Thanks, Helene, I’m trying…

  13. Okay, Kalyn, this is what I know about the browsers and the ‘back’ button:
    First, leaving a comment requires a secure connection so backing out of it is either not allowed or not easy. Clicking on the banner (home) to get back works better.
    Internet Explorer: hitting back takes you to ‘page expired’. If you keep hitting it eventually it takes you back.
    Firefox and Netscape: Both have a box come up telling you that you will resend the data. You either resend or cancel, leaving you nowhere. You need to click on the banner (home) to get out.
    There has recently been a new release of Firefox – maybe that’s why it seems to be acting differently.
    Blogger opens a new window for comments, so you can close that window and use ‘back’ on your original window. Typepad doesn’t, so that’s where the difficulty comes in.
    Hope that helps.

  14. Kalyn, one more thing…I’ve been trying to figure out why I never noticed this – it’s because after I comment I either click on another post to read, click on another blog to read or close the window…
    I guess I find the back button to work so rarely I don’t used it… It always seems to take me to an expired page…particularly in Amazon when I’m doing book comparisons…LOL

  15. That’s a great photo! It looks delicious too, as usual. You write so well. I would have jumped too! What are the little stuffed (cheeses??) thingies beside the tomato. They look good too!

  16. Pooka, there little soft goat cheeses. I buy them at the local supermarket, caller ‘Aperos’ meant to be nibbled with drinks… the French are so efficient…

  17. Tomatoes and Toads…LOL – great post. Glad you didn’t stuff the toad into the tomato.