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Ham and Green Bean Pasta Salad and Mountain Walks — 14 Comments

  1. This pasta salad looks great and sounds really tasty. All of the colours are vibrant and the yogurt coating looks cool and refreshing.

  2. Yogurt dressings are sooo very good and especially with all those beautiful colors, it would just have to taste great. Couple hours of walking always makes me happy, it’s hard to take in so many calories when you expend that many.

  3. Another great read! Thanks for sharing the adventures and of course the delicious looking salad. Soon enough, we’ll all be dreaming of warm salad-eating days.
    Thanks for being a terrific part of PPN.

  4. Thanks, Kevin, bright colors for summer! I like pretty food.
    Tanna, I am so glad I discovered yogurt dressings – creamy but no loaded with calories! Or I would need more mountain walks!
    Thanks, Nora, life is usually funny! Glad I made you laugh…
    Ruth, living in Andorra was an adventure. I think I’m already dreaming of warm days. Time to have the firewood delivered.

  5. Another fabulous post. As a former attorney, I laughed learning smugglers are preferred over lawyers! :):) Sounds like a very sensible place!

  6. Hi Katie!
    I love when you write about Andorra! You can tell how much you loved it there! When I lived in Norway and used to walk ALL the time, I could eat whatever I wanted! I look back on my time there with nostalgia, similar to teh way you look back on your time in Andorra!

  7. I had a very similar salad at a favorite cafe in Paris and have tried to recreate it. What a great combination, Katie!

  8. Wendy, actually the guys with the machine guns were REALLY scary…
    Ashley, it’s the creamy dressing, I love creamy dressings…
    Thanks, Sher, I figured that would catch the eye of a lawyer somewhere. So that you’re not feeling picked on there weren’t any accountants either. If there’s no tax, there’s no need for double entry accounting… or any accounting – just ‘counting’ LOL
    JennDZ, Yeah, I did like Andorra – except for the traffic and the bureacracy.
    Mimi, need the ambiance, though…street sounds, glass of rose, wicked waiter….