Vegetable Smilies, Thanks and Summer — 23 Comments

  1. I love that you’ve passed the awards to some I had on my list and then some new ones too!
    Great Smiley Face!! Especially like those garlic clove dimples.

  2. Tanna, I always say great minds think alike lol!
    That veggie face – what a dumb thing to do… and I had so much fun playing with it 🙂

  3. Hi Katie, love the vege portrait. I also found it amazing that you have all that equipment (a wine presss! I am so jealous!).
    Congratulations on receiving the awards – you definitely deserve them. And thank you very much for passing on the awards to a few of us. It’s such an honour. I’ve should pass it on soon to other deserving bloggers.

  4. Congratulations on the awards!
    I wish I could be there to help you can…really, even in the August heat. I love the wine press in the corner. Do you still use that press for making your wine?

  5. Wow! Leave it to you Katie to come up with that thoughtful vegetable face! I love it – it made me smile on a long Monday!
    Thank you, Katie. It is a pleasure to be part of your world, and Tanna’s and everyone else’s.

  6. Hi Katie! I can’t believe I don’t have your blog in my favs list! But I will rectify that this morning. 😀
    Love your face and writing style. I’m so intrigued by your life in France! On the down side, lol, I’m sad for you about August but on the up side…Wow a month of vacation!!! **)))))*** Happy Birthday****))))***!!! 😀 Good times!

  7. Thanks, Nora. It was fun playing with my food! That wine press is rather amazing and it will be put to work in a few weeks. And you’re welcom.
    Lydia, you are welcome and deserving also…
    Jeni, Thanks. I’d be happy to have the help and, yes, the wine press gets used…shortly.
    Christine, thank you, thank you!
    Do it, Maggie…it’s fun! and send a link to get in the slide show.
    Thanks, Mimi, and glad I could make you smile on a Monday!
    Thanks, Anh, veggies make me smile!
    BZ, Thanks for all the sweet words. I like your blog, too :-)) Yeah, a month of vacation….I could only wish, sigh…C’est la vie!

  8. Thank you for that wonderful story. I wish I would have read it before my 2002 vacation to Italy which we planned in August, enough said.
    Now I feel a little guilty because I pop in and check out what you have to say often (lurk) and I never leave a note, I will try to be more courteous and say hello more often.
    You are not missing much here in the Midwest except for fierce storms, numerous tornados and flooding.
    until tomorrow

  9. Love the food face! I think braided garlic might be nice for hair. Chives for bangs? Scallions for teeth? Gotta run…got a face to create!

  10. Hi Shayne, Yikes, sounds like your having a typical midwestert late August! Lurk and comment all you want I love having the visitors 😉 Too bad about your August in Italy – I would always warn people away from that month…
    Farmgirl, scallions for teeth, yep, that would work…with one purple one in the middle…
    Joey, I used to think one did cooking things in the kitchen, I’m learning that’s not the case on an old French farm 😉

  11. Congrats on the Schmooze Award! And, canning, I would have not thought about month long holiday that would get in the way of canning. Hmmmm. I am glad you found new lids.

  12. Congrats on all those awards~ you certainly deserve them! I love reading your posts and always manage to chuckle some~you have such a great sense of humor in writing. Bravo to you!

  13. I love your veggie smiley, I’m going to make one the next time I come home from the market 🙂

  14. Thanks, Lannae….maybe it’s a month long FOR canning…
    Thanks Jann, you are so kind!
    Meredit, it’s important to learn to play with your food – Bet your girls will help!

  15. Katie – Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sorry I am just getting this now. I can’t tell you how this has made me smile!

  16. I am looking back to get menu ideas and I found this post and I jaut wanted to say I fell in love with your blog the day I read this post ( I was reading off and on before but not weekly) the happy photo was great and the story the best. I jaut wanted to let you knwo this was the day you were added to the blog roll.