Yellow Zucchini, Lemon Thyme, and a Party on the Patio! — 14 Comments

  1. This sounds delicious! Since you’re already going with a lemon theme with your herbs, you might also brighten the buttery taste a little with a squeeze of lemon juice and maybe a little lemon zest.

  2. I love lemon thyme, and it grows so well in my garden. Thank you for using it in one of your recipes — I hardly ever see any recipes that call for it.

  3. The zucchini looks perfectly fried. I will have to look for some lemon thyme and lemon basil to try.

  4. Can’t fault you for using what you have. Two weeks ago, neighbors and small children ran screaming when they saw me comin’!

  5. Oh, to have a garden and all that fresh produce~I really do need to stop by sometime and have a meal with you!Lemon thyme just adds so much flavor, doesn’t it!

  6. What a spectacular dish! It just shouts summer … thanks so much for coming to the party!

  7. I love the photos and the dish. Anybody with zucchini is always welcome at our house.

  8. This looks delicious and I am printing it out post haste to make sure to actually make it!
    I’m back from the USA and hope to get back to blogging over the weekend.
    Take care!

  9. Terry, you’re right! Next time a squeeze of lemon – it even keeps with the yellow theme…
    Lydia, I love it, too. Works great with fish, as well.
    Kevin, I was please with how well it ‘fried up’!
    Anh, Yeah, don’t you just love a party!
    Kalyn, thanks, we did enjoy it..
    Farmgirl, I know that feeling…people peeking through curtains and not answering the door.
    Jann, next time your in the area let me know!
    Ivonne, you’re so kind! Thanks for the invite!
    Simona, thanks, and be careful where you say that – you could be buried under zucchini any minute!
    Betty, welcome back! Hope your holiday was lovely!

  10. Katie – this looks simply divine and I totally agree with Ivonne – it just screams summer! What a wonderful dish!
    Thank you so much for bringing it to the Festa!

  11. That looks delicious; I don’t care if it IS summer squash. What could be more perfect for the festa? I plan to join that party, too, though I have no idea what I’m making yet.
    Please don’t say “end of summer”!

  12. Thanks, Lisa…and thanks for the invite. Yellow squash says summer better than the green, I think!
    Lisa, how about the ‘slow phase out of this summer’. Besides, any excuse for a party!