Apple Day and fall traditions — 13 Comments

  1. That sounds really good to eat and open to any good fruit in season! Some days my husband may be 5 or 6 apples. I’ll usually have one.

  2. Katie,
    I too love apples; unfortunately I haven’t had a good apple in years. Where I live the apples available are usually storage apples, and have to be shipped (literally) here from somewhere on the mainland. One of the things I miss about my native Ontario is the ability to go out into farm country, in the autumn, and buy fresh apples from a farmer’s road side stand.

  3. Katie, ok, 2 things… Apple tart made with tart apple yum! and egg on pizza yum?
    So, are you going to make apple tarts like those I remember in Paris? Yum! In Boston, it is possible to get tarts that are almost the same, and for years I struggled with puff pastry to make tarts that just never seemed to work out.
    And 2nd, I remember seeing eggs on pizza in Paris in the window of a pizza vendor. I did not eat pizza because at the time I lived in Boston, and I had access to excellent pizza in Boston’s North End, and why waste time eating something that I already had an excellent source. But now, I am curious about the egg. Should I make a pizza with an egg?

  4. I’m also a “not whole apple eater”. 😉
    Your dessert looks so delicious. Need to test soon!
    Thank you for participating in the event.

  5. That is such a cute story Katie!
    I wish I liked apples, but it is just one of those things…although your dish looks yummy!

  6. Tanna, I do it with peaches and nectarines in summer. 5 or 6? That’s a lot of apples…
    Mike, how sad not to get good apples! Mediocre ones are a waste of calories…
    Lannae, actually my favorite pizza is with canned tuna and the egg!
    Pille, I’m getting seriously addicted to the stuff!
    Zorra, actually, I usuallyt give the apple core to one of the girl-dogs. They love it! There terrible right now in the garden: munching grapes off the vines, eating the windfall apples and pears and grabbing the walnuts before I get to them.
    Sandi, I used to make applesauce and can it! Yeah, the homemade stuff is sooo good. The kind you buy…meh!
    Jenn, you are the first person I’ve known that didn’t like apples…
    Cooking Ninja, thanks…it’s my favorite autumn lunch!

  7. I share that addiction for kama and also Greek yogurt. Faced with this, I’m a goner.

  8. PS I’m quite sure I’ve been to Bayfield – I think my grandparents had a cabin there in the 40s …

  9. I love apples too – and have always detested bananas! And I also can’t stand wimpy apples – Golden Delicious have always been the bane of my life… I grew up with Granny Smiths, so that’s what I probably buy the most of. I have recently discovered the joys of a good Braeburn – sweet but crisp – and also like Empire but they are almost always imported from the US. Damn those food miles! And in the States last year I fell in love with Macouns, but it seems they don’t leave the east coast at all!

  10. Alanna, you can get Kama? Or do have the same source as me? Bayfield Apple Fest was loads of fun.
    Jeanne, I just remember the smell on hot afternoons of the ‘cloakroom’ in grade school, all of those banana skins left from lunch ripening in the heat…can’t deal with it.
    I’ve not heard of Macouns – but wouldn’t if they were east coast…like my Haralsons, they don’t travel!