Herbed Orzo, Risotto Style; and Very Bad, Lazy Wine! — 14 Comments

  1. that’s why when I recieve someone’s home-made goodie, I’d hug it as a box of treasure; just so much sweat and effort behind it.
    This pasta dish is really very “risotto”, love it!

  2. K – have you tried warming the barrels or whatever you have the wine in? Seriously, lay warm (or electric) blankets over the barrels if you can. I understand these trials and tribulations from years of working at wineries. Sometimes some batches just take longer to start fermentation. Also, for fun, next year, try a batch with your own native yeast to see if it works and/or tastes better.
    The food – oh yes, the food – at least that looks like it came out perfectly yummy.
    Bonne chance!

  3. Tigerfish, It’s meant to be rose…., Orzo is a fun little pasta
    Gattina, it’s even a bit quicker than ‘real’ risotto! Homemade goodies deserve lots of appreciation…they’re getting more and more rate!
    Thanks, Kevin!
    Shayne, I hope it gets to work, too! Try orze this way, it’s easy peasy.
    Jeni, in the past, we haven’t killed the natural yeast, just added more if needed. But our wines have had a ‘yeasty’ after taste so we were convinced, by he who shall remain nameless, to try it do it this way this year….never again. Unfortunately we have no way of warming the barrels. We’re going to rack it into a bigger barrel tomorrow and see what happens… Thanks for the advice! We can use it as we are cluleless!~

  4. What a sad story – about the wine that is! The risotto sounds lovely and so does the veal! Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights.

  5. If it makes you feel any better, I ran into a frazzled winemaker friend at the local coffeehouse this morning and she was bemoaning the EXACT same issue with her wines. Maybe it’s just a lazy year? 😉

  6. I do hope your grape juice turns into wine, really I do!
    And you do the same thing with orzo that I do. Isn’t it great? Love your risotto, too!

  7. swirlingnotions, It does make me feel better…that, and the fact that, after spending time being racked by mon mari it has released a few bubbles – hope springs eternal!
    Christine, It is great! And easy! We have hope!