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Herbed Potatoes a la Two Fat Ladies, and the ever elusive, Time! — 19 Comments

  1. Well rather amazingly, I have completely changed from being the second type, always a bit late and not quite ready, to being firmly in the first camp. Now it drives me crazy if I get sidetracked and am even a little bit late. Some of it I think is due to the fact that I’m SO busy ALL the time that I can’t waste even a minute. Even before I was blogging, in my previous job as teacher’s union president, every minute had 3 or 4 tasks scheduled, so maybe that’s why I learned to be hyper efficient, don’t know.
    This does sound like a dish where fresh herbs would take it from good to really outstanding. It sounds delicious. I did love to watch the Two Fat Ladies on TV as they roared off on the motorcycle.
    I have been amazed at the fabulous entries I’ve seen. Looking forward to the recap.

  2. You read my mind, I was just thinking of the Two Fat Ladies the other day. How funny! Ok, I have to go write a veggie or herb post pronto for you!!! a bientôt

  3. I remember watching episodes of the 2 Fat ladies years ago! Those were some goooood recipes! This one looks fabulous!
    I must say….I am my mother’s daughter…just like her when it comes to time. I am ALWAYS early. In fact, I always try to be late because of this. It can get pretty aggrevating, believe it or not. I am not a fan of always being the first to places…so I sit in my car, walk around, drive a little slower (that’s a hard one for me).

  4. Hah — I’m completely the opposite type, always on time or early, genetically incapable of being late. My husband, on the other hand, is a last-minute kind of guy — we joke that soon, in order to get the same flight, I will have to leave for the airport a day early to be in my comfort zone, and he’ll leave the house with 10 minutes to spare! I loved the Two Fat Ladies; I watched all of their shows many times. Never made any of their recipes, because most are so unhealthy. But this one is an exception, and I have all of the herbs in my garden!

  5. i hear you katie! i’m not a morning person and getting to work on time is a real problem.
    my current job is perfect for me. my direct manager is based in another country but better still, all my work is with europe so i can get some beauty sleep, waltz in at 10:30am and then then stick around until 6:30pm so i can talk to europe.
    when i move to a new job i’m going to be so sad.

  6. What a great recipe to use up some of my fresh herbs. I have to use them now, or start thinking about drying them. I hate to admit it, but I am the first type…always early. I get to work almost 45 minutes before I have to, just to sit and drink my coffee in quiet!

  7. Oh, that looks wonderful! I sure miss the Fat Ladies. And I always save valuable time by walking around with damp hair!

  8. hello from deux sèvres, here we have got the ” quart d’heure charentais ” so people use to be a quater an hour late everywhere….Try this !
    I will try your recipe with the local pommes de terre de l’ile de Ré .

  9. Like everyone else here, I loved the Two Fat Ladies and miss them! This potato dish looks fantastically tasty. It’s on the “must make soon” list. Merci!

  10. Katie, I love reading your blog. Not just for the recipes, but for the stories. You are so funny!
    I can always use a new potato recipe because we eat so much of it, so this will come in handy. Thanks!

  11. Katie, *laugh*. I must say I am the first type of person. I like everything to be laid out for work and other stuff….
    And bring on the potatoes! They are absolutely delicious!

  12. It looks delicious. We always love potatoes and we grow our own potatoes. I’m looking forward to view the round-up. I am too late to enter, I think.

  13. There is a funny Italian expression that I use in reference to a dear friend of mine, who always manages to be late, even when she started on time: giocare con le formiche (to play with ants). The idea is that when she finds herself with some extra time, she starts ‘playing with ants’ and then becomes late.
    Anyway, I loved the post and the recipe, which I can make, since I do have a whole bunch of fresh herbs and a batch of new potatoes in the cupboard. I am sorry I did not make it for this week WHB: it was a bit crazy around here.

  14. But this doesn’t look like the 2 Fat Ladies style, seems fairly low fat! Looks and sounds divine.
    Time. Oh my yes I have trouble with time but I understand my problem. If I think it takes 5 minutes, it really takes 10. Translate into . . . late!!

  15. Thanks Margot, the fresh herbs really make it special!
    Kalyn, I’m always trying to do too many things at once…apparently I’m a slow learner 😉
    Riana, they used to be on the telly once in awhile… thanks for the post
    Chris, I’ve convinced my self that it’s bad form to be early…yes it is…
    Oh, Lydia…mon mari is the ‘always early’ one. I guess marriages need one of each to balance – and get anywhere ever!
    Anna, people who are cheerful in the morning should be beaten with a wet noodle. I come into my own around midnight!
    Pam, try freezing them – it’s quicker and easier…
    Sher, some of us know how to save time…
    Mamapasta, that’s JUST what I need, thanks!
    Lannae, yeah, they were sooo good at the no-fat thing…
    Jeni, it’s worth a try…
    Thanks, Nora, that’s so sweet!
    Anh – I’d LIKE to be that way, but…
    Arfi, I should try to grow potatoes, sometime… I love the little tender new ones…
    Simona, that’s me…give me a minute and I’ll fill it for 5
    Tanna, yes, you understand me, someone, at last understands me…

  16. Great post – I, on the other hand like to be early. I used to be better at it ;-D
    As for the potatoes…awesome. Very similar to the potato sweet potato galette I’ll be making on friday. I usually just use rosemary, but now I’m going to add the garlic, thyme and who knows…
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  17. Hi Katie Ohhhh the Two Fabulous Fat Ladies. This potato recipe is a bit of a rogue for them…no butter or cream.
    Our Food Channel just played a doco on Jennifer Patterson. It was great. I just loved those ladies. The humour…the intelligence…the stories. A sad loss.