Niçoise Pasta Salad; and Shake, Shake… — 12 Comments

  1. Very funny post. Actually, I miss my shows. We spent 4 months at my daughter’s – tv only used to watch videos and DVDs and now that we’re in our own place we’re waiting for the local phone company to bring cable to our neighborhood. My husband works for them so….no tv just more DVDs until that happens.
    As for salads, especially adaptations of Salade Nicoise…perfect for every season.
    Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights.

  2. Hi Katie, thanks for this funny post. I love the virgin ads. I think this pasta dish is a great twist to the salad, so the French Food police will forgive you.

  3. This “salad” looks really good. With tuna, hard boiled eggs, pasta and lots of vegetables it is more like a full meal.

  4. I cannnot believe that after months of trying to locate your sign in name, I found you…whenever I go to your profile there is never a blog name to click on…on my desktop favorites, I saw this name and decided to see who it was…..thank you for all of your sweet notes, I am adding you to my cooking gals on my sidebar…
    chat soon, I hope

  5. Ruth, It’s hard to get used to being without T.V. (we’ve done it a few times) but once done I find I didn’t really miss it…until I knew we could get it again…
    Nora, I think those ads are a hoot! Never pay much attention to the shows…
    Thanks Lydia, almost a ‘pantry’ meal!
    Kevin, for us, in summer it is a full meal – just not too often, mon mari likes his grilled meat!
    Ulrike, your poor thing, yes, you’re missing them…
    Why thank you cityfarmer! Now I have to figure out what’s wrong with my profile…curses…

  6. I think a little mystery is good! I surely don’t want to hear about, nor see, what’s under most peoples clothing. Nor what they do with it! I’ll take a good “Monk” anyday!

  7. Farmgirl, I’ve seen that show – it’s hilarious! It’s on daytime here though ?!?
    Glenna, It’s good the 2nd and 3rd day, too.