Roasted Acorn Squash and Autumn Fires — 27 Comments

  1. Wow Katie, what time in the afternoon for the ‘pan mogettes’ (toasted bread and white beans made with goose or duck drippings), I want to be on time!
    Great looking squash! roasted is always so good.

  2. I would love eating this. Would you believe I have never tasted acorn squash. I think it’s because banana squash and butternut squash are an both so easy to grow here, that I’ve always had them in the garden, so no thought to buy another type. I must buy some acorn squash for comparison. I think squash is delicious no matter how you cook it! I’m also a huge fan of fireplaces. It’s one of the few things I like about winter.

  3. What is the difference between squash and pumpkins? I would call it like Ilva a pumpkin.
    Thanks for the story, may I be the first trying to roast anything on your fireplace?

  4. Pam, mon mari dearly loves the butter and brown sugar… but he’s willing to alternate with this hahaha – hope you liked it!
    Thank you Anh.
    Tanna, we can buy the ready-made mogette at the supermarkets. I’m happy to have the ones with just a bit of duck and carrot added… mon mari likes the kind with the gizards…. – anytime is fine!
    Kalyn, I’ve never even heard of banana squash!. I’m having butternut for the first time in about an hour….
    Ilva and Ulrike, in the U.S. a long green courgette is a zucchini, any other color, size or shape is a summer squash. Big, round orange pumpkins are called pumpkin, any other color, size or shape is called a winter squash. Haven’t a clue why…
    In some cook books there will be a ‘Zucchini and Summer Squash’ section and a ‘Pumpkin and Winter Squash’ section.
    Sorry, Ulrike, I was first…you can have second!

  5. Hi Katie,
    I’ve never lived in a house that has a fireplace before. But I do enjoy sitting around a fireplace with a cuppa.
    Roasting squash is a great way to draw out their natural sweetness. We get squash/pumpkins all year round in Australia.
    I wonder what name your husband will give to his “museum”? 😉

  6. You are so lucky to inherit all of these great fireplace tools, even if they came with a lot of stuff you probably don’t want! I’m in awe of the harvest from your garden this year. I love roast squash — it seems to get so much sweeter with the roasting process.

  7. I haven’t seen acorn squash around here, but I have seen “le butternut.” That will be nice to work into fall dishes…

  8. I agree with you about how wonderful fireplaces are. I like the one you described with the cooking tools. How cool is that? The squash looks delicious. Simple and good 🙂

  9. I think roasting squash evokes autumn so perfectly. Coupled with an open fire you are making me miss the cooler months already!

  10. Mmmmmm Katie, I can hardly wait for cool weather to hit here! Your description of coziness is lovely and makes me a tiny bit envious! I heart acorn squash, roasted just as you say. I haven’t had it with rosemary before but will try it next time.
    Great post as usual girl!

  11. This looks good but I have a hard time finding acorn squash..butternut yes, or pumpkiny kinds of squash might work?
    I have a couple of friends with “proper..could roast a pig” fire places… nothing better than that.

  12. Nirmala, I agree, especially with lovely vegetables fresh from the garden.
    Margot, it’s tasty, cute and perfect for 2 people.
    Nora, you’re lucky to have them available all year. There most considered pig food here so I have them when I grow them. Boys and their toys!
    Lydia, my garden was slow to start, and no tomatoes, but now it’s like the little engine…it just won’t stop (she complains, gleefully)
    Sue, I think of roasting…then I think of cleaning it.. and I use the oven (self-cleaning)
    Betty, I harvested my first butternut last night – I must say I think I like it better… I’ve never seen an acorn here either (other than my garden). I’ll be doing some butternut recipes this week.
    Maryann, thanks. It was a challenge to figure out what they were for!
    Truffle, you’re coming into asparagus season… be happy!
    Blue Zebra – you actually get cool weather? Or just pretend to…. Rosemary is very nice with it – when not using butter and brown sugar.
    Meredith, pumpkin, definitely, as it has a thick skin like the acorn. I think there are better ways with the butternut… I have thme in my garden, too so I’m working on it…

  13. The squash looks delicious and the photo is great. I was never big on squash or pumpkin growing up, but now I’m really eager to try to work with as many autumn veggies as I can. One more thing to try to grow in the “garden” (a term I use loosely :-/ )

  14. Mike, my mother didn’t like either so never fixed them. She love rutabagas so we all grew up eating those….go figure!

  15. Can chuck 3′ logs ACROSS THE ROOM?
    My mother used to bake potatoes in the fireplace in a coffee can.

  16. Yum! I might try this tonight. I’m another “grown-up” who recently became a squash eater. I hated it as a kid. But now I appreciate the ease in preparing and the nutrition.

  17. TBTAM, but think of all the restaurants you’d have to give up?
    Maggie, did I say he succeeded? I only meant to say that he could try, hahaha And they’d fit..
    Stephanie, amazing how so many of us are so much more adventerous eaters than our parents…. of course, I have sibling who think Campbells Grean Bean Casserole is ti die for… ooops, no offense to GBC lovers everywhere!