Fresh Tomato and Mozzarella Pizza; and a “true confession” — 27 Comments

  1. Katie, I’m laughing — that sounds awful, and yet I’m laughing! The pizza looks like a perfect way to recover from such trauma.

  2. :-)))) Oh Katie, this reminds me when my husband trapped the ants in our kitchen….I came back from work and the whole kitchen was black. I had no pizza

  3. So yummy. I’m seeing a lot of pizza recipes with fresh tomatoes that look really tempting! And the basil on your pizza looks fantastic.
    Sorry to hear about the bugs. I can relate because my house is almost 100 years old and has a dirt basement, and in the winter I have a problem with mice coming in. I hate it!

  4. Ah, the glories of such moments Katie! In your lap!
    Holy cats ” scared the little darling because he clutched the inside of my thigh ” yes, that’s easy to fill in the blank!
    The pizza looks fabulous and I think I’ve not used sauce on pizza for at least 20 years.

  5. Darling Katie! I’m crying here!! So badly!!! Did it sting you? You deserve to have eaten the whole gorgeous pizza!!! And I home your hubby re-opend the crack under the stairs!! 😀

  6. OMG, Katie, I don’t know how I would have survived such a traumatic event. I hope you weren’t bitten? Did your hubby rescue you?
    This pizza looks very comforting. Since you are hosting WHB, I should make a special effort to contribute.

  7. Aiee! Very funny story, though.
    Could you post a link to the rules for WHB during the week? Sounds like fun.
    Take care…and watch where you’re sitting!

  8. Lydia, I laugh now…I probably would have really laughed then if I had been a witness rather than a participant…
    Kalyn, yeah, we have mice, too. We’re an equal opportunity house.
    Ulrike, ants? Ants are really horrid, they get into everything and hide so well! Maybe centipedes eat them…
    Lannae, I hate things that don’t brush off easily… flies, mosquitoes, a flick and they’re gone.
    Tanna, We eat lots of pizza this time of year with fresh tomatoes and basil…no centipedes (vivid imagination)
    BZ, I think we’ve gotten the upper hand, killed 1 or 2 a day for a couple of weeks now. Did you know they can live 5 years?
    Nora, he’s so used to my shreeks (when I see one) he just calmly grabs the broom and comes to check…It was all over by the time he got there. And, yes, do something for WHB 😉
    Betty, I even check out my own bathroom now…And I’ve quit walking barefoot in the house for a bit… I’ll send the link.

  9. Honestly, I felt bad reading about this, I HATE centipedes, I have learnt to live with spiders and even the occasional scorpion but I can’t stand those bastards… poor you!

  10. I don’t care that its almost time for bed – My mouth is watering and I would eat the whole thing if given the chance! 🙂

  11. Ilva, Thank God we don’t have scorpions! I have all I can handle with the spiders and centipedes!
    Anh, A pizza can cure a lot of woes 😉
    Chris, we do a pretty good job of polishing it off. I just keep telling myself ‘it’s light’…Giggle away…

  12. Oh my God, although I had to laugh out loud when reading your description, I share your horror – I hate them, especially spiders give me the creeps.
    I think, I have to prepare a pizza, too. Maybe it helps to get rid of those vivid thoughts….

  13. Hiya, I am a news reader to your blog, and I can safely say that my office thinks me completely mad as I have been laughing at my computer screen (while reading your story! 🙂 The picture is very clear…. and I sympathise as I have a similar phobia for spiders – let’s just say at 2am I have been known to get out the hoover and stand armed ready to suck the little beast up before I can sleep!
    All that being said, your recipe looks great, and I would love to share a pizza recipe I make and will try and post it on my blog soon
    Look forward to reading about your next adventure

  14. Oh my! Poor you. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry on your behalf. I have to say your pizza is perhaps the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. I’ve never seen such a fresh and vibrant pizza with such gorgeous flavours. I must try this soon!

  15. Jutta, I’m always torn – I’m also terrified of spiders and centipedes eat spiders…still… Pizza helps!
    Thanks Erika, I’ve once plastered a spider to a hotel room wall with hairspray – it stayed there for 3 days but it didn’t move…
    Thanks for visiting…
    Truffle, thanks, we love that pizza – but only late summer when everything is fresh from the garden… and laugh!

  16. hahahahah. Fabulous, absolutely fabulous. I too live in a house that has all sorts of cracks and spots where spiders and other buggies live. And now I know… don’t try and block their holes! there is some disturbing statistic that if you see a spider in your house 95% of the time it was born inside. Ugh.
    That said… the pizza looks like a good way to comfort yourself and push said thoughts out of your mind.

  17. Wonderful and funny post, Katie, although I cringed at the thought of a centipede attached to one’s inner thigh. It seems you have recovered though and went almost seamlessly from horrifying centipedes and bathroom capers to pizza! You are a wonder!

  18. Hairspray is a great tactic… I have also resorted to a heavy book – left in the middle of the room for days until I was sure the spider was 150% dead! Speak soon

  19. Yeah, Kevin, anything for a pizza haha!
    Katerina, I DID NOT want to know that. Did you know centipedes can live for 5 years! I can kill the little tiny ones I see on the bathroom floor – under 1/8″ (.3cm)
    Christine, I was doing more than cringing….
    Erika, I was too embarrasses to call a bellman to come and kill it for me…. and I was alone, what choice did I have? Doesn’t say much for the housekeeping staff, tho..

  20. That is truly one of the funniest things I have read in months! Growing up in SOuth Africa you were constantly surrounded by all sorts of weird creepies – gigantic (but apparently not venomous) spiders crawling around on the ceiling of my bedroom, an annual invasion of bees wanting to nest in our roof, scorpions in washbasins on holiday, snakes in the house… and still I was terrified of most of them!! No, here in London, there really aren’t any creepies. Oh, there are spiders in autumn, but they are just too small to be scary. And we CERTAINLY don’t have centipedes!! I would have passed out in terror if I were you, especially when it applied the Death Grip. It reminds me of a story of a friend who went to an outhouse in Chile, having been warned to take the light because of snakes, sat down, and though in the darkness he had been bitten by a snake. Turns out he was pecked by an angry rooster, but by then he had already told all and sundry that he could feel anaphylactic shock setting in from the venom. Whoops!

  21. Jeanne, I would have been in a constant state of terror: gigantic spiders? I have nightmares about big spiders… And the guy and the rooster, what a hoot! But the fear could’ve caused the anaphylaxis…
    And the Brits – putting little rope ladders in their bath tubs so the spiders don’t get trapped…. That’s one I won’t do!

  22. Oh wow! That pizza looks so fresh and lovely. I wish I had a big slice right now. Shudder at the creepy crawlies.