Zucchini (Courgette) Timbales with Pimiento Sauce; and Why I don’t ‘Mushroom’ — 24 Comments

  1. I think I’ll stick to zucchini as well. Although there are plenty of “mushrooms” growing in some of the wet spots by my compost pile.

  2. Oh, I am so staying away from the mushrooms in my woods now! Like you, I do not feel in the least bit qualified to go mushrooming. We do have morels every two or three years, and when those come up, I eat them right away. I stay away from the others. I’m not quite sick of zucchini, yet, so I’ll try this lovely mushroom-free recipe.

  3. This is the first time that I have heard of timbales. It looks pretty good. I will have to try making a timbale.

  4. Jenn, since the zucchini are endless, thankfully so are the recipes…
    Simona, it’s a nice service, but still….
    Kalyn, zucchini are safer…and commercial mushrooms! (Sure those aren’t toadstools?)
    Lydia, I think I could recognize morels…esp. if I knew where to look!
    Kevin, they are good…and easy to make with just about any veg..

  5. “…the maggots are hatching.” Oy — too much information, indeed! I’m a big chicken and I would never trust myself to find the nonpoisonous variety of mushrooms, so that’s an endeavor I will not be taking part in. I do love mushrooms, but only cooked; I just can’t eat them raw.

  6. Years ago, when I lived in Houston, I called the local Mushroom Gatherers Society for some advice and was told that their resident expert HAD DIED FROM EATING A POISONOUS MUSHROOM.
    that immediately ended my quest to learn mushroom-gathering.

  7. Lisa, I prefer wild mushrooms cooked…for obvious reasons. I’m okay with the little white button mushrooms raw…
    Jeni, mine got a late start… they’ll be around for awhile…
    Casey, when the experts go toes-up it IS kind of off-putting to the rest of us…

  8. Isn’t there always one more lurking unseen until it’s become the worlds biggest zucchini. I’m sure this is a wonderful recipe for the summer’s last few zucchini. My dad used to mushroom hunt, took us kids with him. Mom would cook them but never ate them and wouldn’t let us kids have any.

  9. Hahahaha Katiez you had me right up “until the maggots hatched”. Then my head exploded and I died. 😉
    I will never go mushroom huntin! Hell I don’t even make our own preserves for fear of killing us from botchulism!
    I adore ninja zucchinis and indeed z’s of all sizes :D. The recipe and write-up were so much fun and I will have to try the recipe soon. You rock!

  10. Tanna, your mom was like the woman in Andorra! And why do we always miss one? It’s the same with cucumbers, beans, whatever. I find a giant and think ‘How could I have NOT noticed this?’
    Thanks, BZ, the hatching maggots put me off a bit, too… I do make pickles, jams, tomatoes…haven’t killed us yet (touch wood!)
    Linda, thank you and thanks for visiting!

  11. Oh Katiez, an enjoyable read. I just leave the mushroom hunting to the “experts”. I wish I can get my hands on some truffles though…
    I’m going to make a jar of pimiento sauce so that I have some in the fridge. Thanks for the recipe.

  12. Hi Katie
    That timbale has got my taste buds going.
    Luckily I have never had ther urge to hunt for mushrooms it’s not easy in the city.
    By the way have you ever made Mrs E David’s courgette souffle…It’s divine.

  13. Ha! Last year my old neighbor (who has since died) gave me a discreet brown paper bag full of mushrooms he’d grown in a hole he dug under his house. I fried them up into an omelet that only I ate, the rest of my family snubbed said omlet. Well, I ended up seeing stars, having vision problems, etc… after that homegrown mushroom omlet. So me too, I stick to the market safe variety now 🙂

  14. I feel the same way as you about mushrooms, Katie. We get boletus edulus growing on our property and even though it’s prized for its deliciousness, I won’t pick it.
    Beautiful timbale!

  15. My mother in law had a very small pamphlet called Poisonous Mushrooms of the British Isles. She would go out mushrooming and then look up the results in the book. If she couldn’t find them, she’d eat them. I thought this was quite a good system until we had a mushroom expert here, and he inspected the various funghi that grow close to our house. He showed me three “identical” specimens, and told me that two were poisonous, the third delicious (I had failed to spot the white / pink frill thing). He also said he had found 20 different types of poisonous mushrooms. So now I’m cautious … but I eat field mushrooms and puffballs when I find them

  16. Nora, I’m even skeptical of buying from the roadside stands…
    Gilli, oooh, a courgette souffle! I’ll have to track that down.
    Meredith, stars? Now when I was in college that would have been fun~ times change!
    Joey, I complain, but I love it…
    Wendy, some things we just shouldn’t know!
    Thanks Christine, I wouldn’t pick them
    Actually, Joanna, I thought puffballs were poisonous! See what I don’t know? White with pink frills – the extant of my knowledge

  17. I’m definitely doing wild mushrooms, as their taste is exquisite, if properly prepared! Of course, one needs to exercise common sense and know the ones to pick and the ones to leave behind 🙂
    Hhmmm. I’ve got yet another oversized ‘zucchini’ waiting to be cooked – courtesy of my dear mum:)