Meat Loaf Florentine, and changing faces… — 30 Comments

  1. LOL! When I was still doing the 8-7 office grind, none of my colleagues believed that I liked getting all gritty and grimy while gardening. They saw me a certain way, and that was all there was to it. If they could see me now. Sure, I still have a treasure chest of cosmetics and like to do the glamour girl bit, but the real luxury comes in not HAVING to lacquer up unless you want to.
    Thanks for the great entry for WHB!

  2. Nice way to incorporate a whole load of spinach into something that’s always delicious — meatloaf! What a great idea.

  3. Susan, I’m starting to worry that my ‘treasure chest’ of cosmetics is going to be so far out of date they’ll no longer be usuable…I stocked up before I left Andorra (really cheap there) and haven’t even gotten into the stash yet…
    Lydia, if you don’t like spinach I’ll just sneak it in and you’ll never know hahaha

  4. You too! I’ve gotten really expert at adding spinach to so many things. Especially when I found the 3 lb bad at Sams’ for so reasonable. I tend to put lots of veggies in my meat loaf! And yes, I think it’s really best next day as sandwich! Love it.

  5. I kindof went through the same scinario as you! I was a corporate geek for over 25 years and now…my big decision of the day is which flip flops to wear. Makeup…maybe if I am heading north to visit family and friends. But truthfully, I love not having to “dress up” everyday. I love wearing my DMB shirts, cut off jeans and flip flops every single day!
    Katie, your meatloaf looks great! But all of your food always looks great! I will tune in to see the round up for sure!

  6. Looks like a really interesting and tasty take on meatloaf.
    I like to load mine up with peppers…but then again, I like to load everything up with peppers. 😉 And now you’ve got me recalling how my mom used to make meat load with a hard boiled cooked in the middle.
    Haha, now I can really go for some meat loaf!

  7. This looks delish! I love meatloaf, but not sure why I have never eaten it in a sandwich. Hmmmm.
    You’re funny about the suit thing – when I was at work this summer, but school was out, a teacher who came in did a double take because she had never seen me “dressed down”. Oh my….
    Have a great day, Katie!

  8. Katie, I think all boys will love this recipe. That’s why I bookmark this to cook for my friends when they come over!

  9. Katie,
    It’s too bad it takes us so long to learn what is truly important. I’m still learning.

  10. This is genius. I love to pack vegetables into meatloaf, but I’ve never thought to add spinach. This is going on the menu for next week. Sorry I lurk a lot and don’t comment enough lately.

  11. Katie,
    I think you should have a “show us your meatloaf” event! I love meatloaf. And I love seeing the myriad ways people come up with fixing. Let’s do it!
    BTW: Is Maggie dissing you? If so, how dare she?

  12. It’s official. Yours is the third post I’ve come across for meatloaf, so I’m taking it as a sign and making one for my husband. It has been years (and I do mean years) since I’ve made or tasted one, so thanks for the inspiration! I just need to make sure I have plenty of Heinz ketchup in the fridge.

  13. I am so trying this . . . the doc says Noe needs a bit more iron and is trusting me to “supplement” with her diet (“you write about this stuff, you know what to do,” he says to me). So I’ve been digging for ways to get spinach and leafy greens in that are palatable to her tomato-loving tastebuds. I think we may have a weener here! Thank you!

  14. That meatloaf looks great! Look at all of the vegetables. Meatloaf sandwiches sound like an interesting idea.

  15. Isn’t it great when tasty and healthy collide, just like they have in your meatloaf. I think it would make the best sandwiches, mustard and picled cucumbers in mine!

  16. I am so glad to be living in Kelowna. Even the corporate world wears shorts and no ties to work. We are a resort town afterall. No jeans or flip flops to work of course..but I hope it never changes..until I retire at least! The Florentine meatloaf sounds delicious. I have a meatloaf recipe on the back burner as well. Yours sounds wonderfully homey and flavourful!

  17. Tanna, I really should just make them for sandwiches…
    Deb, well, for me the decision is usually the plastic sandles or the proper wellies – it’s been a bit damp here… It is rather freeing to be out of the make-up routine – cheaper, too!
    Maryann, Yeah, they rock!
    Peter, I tell you, it’s all about the sandwich..
    Mike, peppers would be good. I’ve seen the boiled egg thing in the picture books – never tried it though, Hmmmm
    Never, Chris? NEVER? Oh dear….
    Anhm I think meat loaf is a big ‘guy thing’ – hamburgers that they don’t have to fuss with – hahaha
    Bigboss, done! Happy to have gotten to your tastebuds…
    When you figure it out let me know, will you Mike?
    Maggie, It’s my recipe and I’ll call it what I want 😉 Florentine – spinach – it works.
    Mary, happy to have you lurking! I started putting a bit os spinach in burgers – it grew from there, so to speak!
    Christine, Great idea! I’ll show you mine if you show me yours! As to Maggie, I’m tough, I can take it – and I’ll get even…
    Susan, I think there was a ‘meat loaf day’ but I missed it. I’ll be waiting to see what you come up with – if it’s not buried in ketchup…or if it is!
    Tigerfish, I actually thought it looked a little sick before it was baked… but it was healthy hahaha
    Swirlingnotions, I hope it works, it would be nicely sneaky…
    Kevin, not another one that’s never had meat loaf sandwiches! Must be a midwestern U.S. thing… – to eat them, I mean.
    Neil, always good when a plan comes together!
    Valli, you are lucky to work in such a relaxed atmosphere. Of course, the get to wear shorts in Bermuda, too – but with a jacket and tie!

  18. I’m laughing here because my idea of a good weekend is when you come home on Friday night and don’t have to put on makeup for two days. I used to dress up a lot more than I do now, but honestly I don’t miss it.
    Love meatloaf. I even like the kind with canned mushroom soup and Lipton soup mix, but yours sounds much healthier.

  19. I can’t believe I didn’t notice this before! Although I might leave the mushrooms out, this sounds really great! I’ll be adding a link to this from my recent meatloaf post!

  20. Katie,
    this sounds delicious indeed and seems perfect to infuse an extra portion of vitamins into two teenagers. Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

  21. Katie, that was a really nice read. I like clothes and pedicures but that’s it. Is that home-frozen spinach?

  22. Mushrooms are totally optional, Nicole – as is almost everything else. You can’t really taste them and they do add moisture..
    Helene, I think it would help fill them up!
    Sra, no, we eat the spinach as fast as it can grow – so none left to freeze. It’s ‘store bought’ – but good! and Thanks!

  23. Katie, you seem to have hit a chord with more readers than just me! I sometimes catch myself in the mirror on the escalators at the supermarket and think, ‘I probably should have brushed my hair…’. Great way to sneak a tonne of vegetables into a meal! A thoroughly enjoyable post.

  24. Lucy. I’ve done that more than once myself. I try to check to make sure I changed out of my rubber shoes before leaving the house…