Autumn Pastry, deconstructed; Emma, la Gorda! — 24 Comments

  1. Those look good enough to be a main course, with a salad — though perhaps for Emma this would be a one-bite treat. Poor Emma, always hungry — I have days when I know just how she feels.

  2. Savory tarts rule!!! How I would love to taste this…squash and mushrooms…I like! 🙂
    I feel for poor Emma…diets are hard I know 🙁

  3. Wow, very creative and it sounds so delicious. I’m afraid I’m a little like Emma when it comes to food. I have managed to develop some self control, but I’ve certainly never been a bit like Sedi!

  4. Wow Katie, you are so creative! Not only does it sound great, I am into the “stack look”! You should have a food building class – Food Architecture 101 🙂
    You are lucky Emma does not like veggies. I had an English Bulldog, Reggie, who loved potatoes! I had planted a few rows out in my garden and when they were just ready to be dug up, Reggie would somehow know that, beat me to the garden and there he would be with a very dirty face, paws and my half eaten potatoes all around! I did not plant any potatoes the next year!

  5. Lydia, it’s actually smaller than it looks ;-), I understand Emma all too well, myself!
    Joey, I love savory tarts, too.. and yes, poor, poor Emma…
    Kalyn, I’ve not met too many like Sedi – and she loves vegetables. And it’s strange because she was abandoned…one would think she would be more worried about her food – but then, she’s such a bitch!
    Thank you, Peter, that is so kind!
    Deb, stacking is fun – and tasty! Shortly after Sedi decided to move in with us I came into the kitchen…she had managed to swipe a piece of ham off the kitchen counter and had gone into the pantry and helped herself to the potatoes. She was laying on her bed muching away – ham and potatoes… Smart dog!

  6. That looks good. I try to get back to cooking and baking. There is so much to do in the kitchen until it’s really finished.

  7. Aw, poor Emma. If feeding says love, then a diet makes a doggy question her worth. Please give her an extra hug from me.
    You have a fabulous flair with squash. All your pics look wonderful!

  8. Ulrike, I saw your kitchen, it’s lovely! I bet you’re excited to have it finished!
    Lynn, I give her lots of hugs – she is the most afectionate dog I have ever known!
    Thanks, (about the squash)

  9. You tell stories so well! I could imagine the whole scene. I feel like Emma these days. But I am almost reaching my goal, so I guess the self-control has been worth it.
    Your autumn pastry looks glorious! I will make this even if it’s spring here.

  10. Oh God, that looks good Katie! Wonderful wonderful treat! 🙂
    Poor puppy! It is tough being on a diet, even when all you eat are nuggets! 😉

  11. Nora, i think it would be easier if I had someone controling MY food…not any more fun, but easier…
    Christine, Kevin, Chris and Simona: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!
    Sher, Emma agrees with you… and I thank you!
    Jenn – she loves her nuggets…but she has even been eating the acorn squash skins…poor girl!

  12. I’m sorry Katie, but I could not be as disciplined as you! If that beautiful dog looked at me with that “I’m still hungry” look, it would be another dish of kibble for her!

  13. What an inspirational seasonal recipe! Apart from imagining how good it must taste, it also looks fantastic 🙂 Thanks for sharing your idea with us.

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