Braised Pork with Onions and Apples; and True Confessions — 28 Comments

  1. Oh I’m feeling so wicked:
    First, I so wish you’d won the men’s! Gad that would have been just so over the top!
    Second, because I still haven’t done the reading list.
    Love that blue pot, such neat handles. And the braise looks wonderful but it’s those potatoes I’d really pile high on my plate!

  2. Katie,
    Do I detect a conspiracy here or have I been watching too many Oliver Stone movies?

  3. Sorry you missed your moment in the sun, but it was fun reading about it. Love the pot, and love the sound of this recipe!

  4. Tanna, I would have enjoyed that sooo much, they were such a group of testosterone-high guys…
    Thank you, Peter…. I accept!
    Ah, Mike… too much Oliver Stone I think – or, maybe not…
    Kalyn, it does make a better story this way – and Yay! Pot Roasts!

  5. Katie,
    I’m sorry to hear that they made such a huge mistake! But you are the true winner, you know that and that is the most important 🙂
    Enjoy your weekend, Margot

  6. I love your golf almost-trophy story. How wonderful to get recognition. My father (76 years old) runs marathons and almost always wins in his division – usually he’s also the only one in his division.

  7. Hooray for the quiet foot-stamping. At least you followed through and got the recognition you deserved even if you didn’t get the trophy you should have gotten. Whew! What a sentence.
    I love this braise. And I think it looks beautiful too!

  8. Meat in general is un-photogentic, I have had a really hard time to make appetizing photos for that food guide job I am doing. Wonderful story, do you still play golf?

  9. What an adventure!!! Congratulations, we all know you are the best golfer there 🙂
    I’m still saving up to buy a good heavy pot with tight-fitting lid…

  10. Damn! I was rooting for ya! I wanted to hear about your acceptance speech 🙂 The pork looks very nice 🙂

  11. I wish you had won the men’s too…just to prove to them! Ha! But first place in the women’s is damn awesome, even if they don’t know. It doesn’t matter – it is what YOU know that counts.
    The pork looks yummy, even if pork is not photogenic. 🙂

  12. This is a delicious looking recipe! A great Sunday dinner meal. I have never braised…think its about time to learn!

  13. Oh Katie I love that story! Damn if you just could have been announced with the men…that would have been just tooo cool! But a big Congrats from me on being the winner!
    And your pork looks like a winner also! What is the name brand of your pot? I am in the market for one but they are so expensive!

  14. Amanda, I sulked big time! The next weekend I had to play with the woman who got my trophy – and she was mad – at me!
    Thanks, Margot, that’s sweet!
    Thanks, Pam, braising is good!
    Lynn, I’m beginning to think that’s the best way to win – out last them all!
    Christine, always a challenge to try and argu in another language..foot stamping is universal!
    Ilva, if you can’t make meat pretty I’m giving up! I played until we moved to France. Now I have to much to do in the garden. I look forward to your braise 😉
    Thanks, Nora, the ovens are reasonable priced here, thankfully!
    Thanks, Lannae
    Maryanne, no accpetance speeck (I didn’t do Catalan) but I would’ve gotten kissed bu everyone..
    Kevin, I agree, apple and pork were made for each other!
    Chris, it’s the easiest thing in the kitchen…honest!
    Jeni, I really, really would have liked that – esp. after getting short-changed …
    Gattina, the pork always comforts – along with the onions and apples.
    Thanks, Deb. It’s from the local big supermarket store (Target-type) the name on it it Paul Bocuse. It’s really heavy, I love it and it’s last than half the price of the ‘other’

  15. Oh, I would have loved this story even more if you’d won the men’s trophy. But good for you for sticking up for your score — and now the entire cyberworld knows that you won!

  16. There are truly more stories in losing than winning, yes? PS Where along the Mississippi? We should exchange notes, I think I swam in that muddy water that you wouldn’t enter. 🙂

  17. Lydia, Yup, now they know….But do they care? Just joking, and I did get a lovely backpack as a consolation prize…
    Alanna, and much better stories in losing, too! Half way between Mpls and La Crosse!
    I spent a lot of time in that river…

  18. What a story! I’ve never golfed (beyond some mean put-put, that is), but I’ll tell you, you had me on the edge of my seat! Makes me want to send a nasty e-mail to those Andorrans.
    Thanks for the braise Katie — I’m so glad I tagged you! Rianna, Ilva, Peter and Ruth . . . I can’t wait to see what you all come up with! I’ll do a roundup in a few weeks on swirling notions.
    I think I’m going to call this the Braisy Chain . . .

  19. swirlingnotions, it’s a tough game, and sooo fickle: one day you have it; the next it’s gone…and no one ever knows why!
    I look forward to all the braises…Great idea!

  20. Hi Katie . . . just wanted to let you know I included a link back here on my “Braisy Chain” roundup. Thanks for playing!