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Cappelletti with Creamy Sauce and Ain’t No Flies on…. — 21 Comments

  1. Maybe Franz just knows there is good food cooking in your kitchen, and he’s waiting to be invited to dinner (with his girlfriend)!

  2. Gorgeous dish!
    Do you remember the Popeye cartoons? Remember the one where he is trying to rid the house of one fly? In the end, the house is no more and he sits there exhausted while the same fly lands on him. This is what I was thinking about as I read your post 🙂

  3. You could be describing MY house – those pesky flies. Sometimes I have tried to find the places where they lurk, little cracks, but it’s no good. And if you’re away when they come out, you find all 200 of them dead on the windowsill. Odd. I never put out the spiders that come into the house ….

  4. Sounds like you have some pretty smartly trained flies! You are lucky they are not the biting type! Or the ones that like to kiss you on the face! Too bad you are not near here as this morning I was clearing out some downed palm frons in a corner section of our yard and I happen to look up at something that caught my eye…about 6 inches from my face we stared eye to eye, me and the biggest ugly frog that I have seen in awhile! This dude must have been at least 10 inches long and almost the same size around! Now there is a guy who could take care of a few hundred of your flies! Needless to say, he won the eye to eye contest!
    Now to your pasta – yummy! I am a major pasta fan and maybe I will give the presto pasta a try! Too funny that you mentioned getting out your pasta machine, I just pulled mine out the other day and it is sitting idle on the counter top…but the thought is there!

  5. What a good idea to make a creamy pasta sauce out of white beans! That’s definitely something I’m going to try myself. Very creative, I love it!

  6. These look so much like the Chinese wonton/dumplings 🙂
    I hate flies and the “noise” they make. As irritating as mosquitoes buzzing…

  7. Franz is in the wrong room. he needs to be in the kitchen devouring freshly made pasta and sauce. It all looks delcious. I was at a wine event this weekend and I thought of you. They just bought a wine picker from France. It is the Lambergini of farm equipment. You can view it on their web site at http://www.st-hubertus.bc.ca

  8. Lydia, I really need to stop naming everything…. He was back last night!
    Maryann, that’s exactly how I feel – and, yes, I remember them…
    Joanna, I know, nothing like a layer of dead flies in the morning!
    WOW, Deb, you grow’em big down there! Who scared who the most? Pasta machines can make excellent book ends….
    Thanks, Becky… just encouraging my love of beans!
    Tigerfish, and there is always one that gets in the bedroom, isn’t there? They drive the dogs crazy, too!
    Valli, some of those ‘wine pickers’ are really amazing! We saw one working last week – did in 5 minutes what we spent all afternoon on!
    Tanna, I agree, they really do have a ‘creamy’ mouth-feel!
    Peter, I hope you like it! It’s so easy…but good!

  9. Oh, Poor Franz~maybe he was the king of the cluster flys-you could be in for some serious trouble!I remember we had a group of these fellows one Fall-what a pain in the butt! Do not fear, I believe it is a seasonal occurance. The pasta is wonderful!I really do need to get one of those machines….think what I could do!

  10. Katie, what fun. You always manage to raise a smile from me. Or a grimace. My philosophy is live and let live, but as for flies, they can live elsewhere. I’m also in the country and part and parcel is the fly thing, but honestly, I’d rather take your yummy pasta anyday over Kafka as a dinner guest.

  11. Isn’t it funny how we name these pests? We had a huge spider in our compost bin, that my daughter named “Mr. Big”. Your pasta sounds wonderful, I love the idea of using beans to make a creamy sauce.

  12. Jann, I keep hoping I’ve set them all free (in the truest sense of the word) but I keep seeing more….
    Kevin, I love beans in any form and they make a lovely sauce
    Wendy, I can fool me into thinking this is way more ‘creamy’..
    A V, one really cannot get away from the flies in the country… they love us so!
    Pam, Ddo I detect shades of ‘Sex in the City’ there? Loved that show…think I’ll pass on your “Mr. Big”

  13. Great post…flies and all. That said, I’m glad they’re at your place, not mine.
    The capelletti looks awesome. Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Night.

  14. Catching up a bit after 3 weeks on the road. I love this bean sauce: I’ll definitely try it.