Pasta with Red Beans and Ham; The Learning Curve — 25 Comments

  1. Love that line … “I no longer had the authority to give me my authority back!”
    It bears no relation to yours but it reminds me of another line, one I can’t get over – a stock exchange notice about a certain company’s director – “As Mr So-and-so has passed away, he ceases to be a director of the company.”

  2. Poor Katie! I do sympathize. Technology is wonderful…until it’s not and then…well this is a family friendly site, so…
    The pasta looks great though. I’m glad you shared it with Presto Pasta Night.
    And the fried green tomatoes on your website – awesome! Good luck with that. I’ll be adding it to my favorite resourse links.

  3. Oh, Katie, I hate being in technology hell! I don’t understand why I can be completely competent in other areas of life, but when I hit the technology wall, I sometimes just cannot find a way over it. Should be easy, right? And yet, if I had a dollar for every hour I’ve wasted going around in circles, I’d be able to hire someone to figure this stuff out for me! Good luck with Round 2.

  4. “Add MySql and PHP capabilities” doesn’t sound dangerous but now I know it is! It is hard to believe when you start into one of these sessions that you put in two days of work and find yourself back at the start position!
    I can’t help myself, the loop inherent in “I no longer had the authority to give me my authority back!” is just priceless.
    Now that photo of the red beans and pasta, that is a thing of beauty! That is beautiful and satisfying.

  5. Ah computers. Whenever they say it is going to be easy…beware! Nothing with the computer is ever easy. Glad you finally got it going your way!
    Oh yum on the pasta dish! I have used white beans once or twice with pasta, but I am liking your idea of the dark beans, especially with all of the other flavorful ingredients. We are pasta people here in our house and eat it at least 3 times a week. I have got to try your dish! Thanks Katie:)

  6. Sra, well, they could have toyed with the idea of kepping him on, I suppose… Great line!
    Ruth, thanks, and I have every confidence that I shall emerge victorious…I think…
    Lydia, thanks – I don’t know why I am always convinced I can do everything myself…I really should know better by now!
    Anh, I love bean – any color; any time!
    Tanna, it all started feeling very surreal; like I was stuck in a Dali painting… Thank you..
    Thanks, Betty – I have hope…but no time frame – hahaha
    Wendy, I’m much more of a ‘glug of this’ person.
    Deb, it’s only going my way in the sense that it’s back to the beginning…but maybe I learned something….maybe?!? I like all beans with all pasta…must be hungry …

  7. Hi Katie, you are definitely waaay more brave than I am. I hate installing anything on the computer let along do stuff with a new program. I don’t even know how to change stuff on my blog! Hope it all works out well.
    It makes sense to use beans in pasta. I usually make a cold pasta salad with beans and even chickpeas.

  8. LOL. Sorry, I’m sure it wasn’t at all funny for you but reading about your unfortunate experience made me laugh. This part of your description of everything, “After two days of this, I was not feeling receptive to the chipper voice on the other end. Fortunately, I remembered that I wanted him to actually help me….”, reminded me of a cartoon with the caption, ” I didn’t know there were so many ways I could make the tech support guy cry” – although I’m sure you didn’t make your support guy cry! Anyway, I’m impressed you tried to sort it out yourself before calling for assistance. I’m hopeless with computers so I call on my “experts” – my teenage sons!

  9. … and that is exactly why I will never (or atleast try not to ever) get involved with computer programming. Oh dear, thank you, it did make for great reading though. Hope you get it sorted.

  10. Katie, I feel for you. I REALLY feel for you. I am staunchly self-sufficient and have an uneasy alliance with technology…but also have enough “Dummy” books on my shelves to admit I don’t know everything. And, boy, do I hate calling tech support. You’re lucky; some of them can have attitude.
    It WILL all work out for you, but if this stuff still has you blowing your own gaskets, perhaps you should step away for a bit and refresh your head w/ a walk in the countryside. You’ve got to get out of that painting!

  11. You were so brave to tackle all that to begin with, Dummies books not withstanding. I would never be so brave, even with the few Dummies books on my bookshelf!
    Love your tweak on red beans and rice!

  12. Nora, Brave? Crazy? One of the two… I actually enjoy it, although the moments when nothing works can be a bit stressful.
    Maureen, unfortunately my ‘expert’ lives in the states, so I’m on my own! It is hard to remember that other people can’t see what a bad day I’ve had…
    Amanda, I have faith…no idea of timing, but faith.
    Susan, I love the Dummies books, I have a shelf full! Now that I’ve screwed up and realize that I can’t do it in a hurry I’ll settle down and leatn properly…maybe…
    Christine – see response to Nora! Hahaha
    Beans and pasts is always good!

  13. You want to know my secret? I haven’t installed feedburner to my site because I’m scared I’ll cancel everyone’s feed, so I have absolutely no idea how many people are coming. Beans and pasta, that’s so comforting, gives me a better feeling than tech support!

  14. Yikes! I got a headache when I read the words “PHP and MySql.” I never attempt doing much of anything on with my computer because it usually ends in a disaster! Your experience is the kind of thing that happens to me if I do. I have such compassion for you–but it makes me feel relieved that there is someone else that goes through this kind of horror!
    Well, the recipe looks delicious–very New Orleans! I want some.

  15. Sorry to hear about the bout with technology, but at least you came back out alive. lol, “knowledge of PHP and MySql didn’t deter me in the least. (Don’t know those words? Hahaha! Me neither!)”
    The pasta looks really good–I wouldn’t have thought of including beans, but it seems like it would be a really nice change.

  16. I had to laugh when I read your comment re: PHP and MySQL. I have a friend who taught computer code for years who says he’s really a beginner when it comes to those 2. Not something I’d dream of trying!
    Now, as for the pasta — that’s a completely different story. Love the combo with beans and chili!

  17. Kevin, beans with pasta is classic Italian…although more often seen in soups than pastas. Call it ‘culinary license’…
    Neil, I’m pretty sure you can safely install it without screwing anything up – and if by some chance you do mess it up, everyone just has to click to get the new feed…I’ve lost and retrieved feeds for other blogs…ooops! Never mind!
    Sher, the horror that is ‘user-friendly computers’ I liked them much better before – when they were mysterious but at least you didn’t have software fighting you at every turn! New Orleans with an Italian twist 🙂
    Mike, thanks! I get to dive back in to that murky pond in another day… Had to take a sanity breather!
    Toni, that’s the probelm now, if you’re not constantly on top of what’s going on you loose it….and even then you ccan only stay on top of a small area. My dd has been in IT and a programmer for years – and is clueless about web design…

  18. Meredith, I’m so close it’s not going to take much to puch me over the edge…crazy, I mean…I’m miles from fixing the computer…

  19. Oh – to remember the days of rotary phones, tape decks – with pause, and corrective tape type writers. 🙂 I am sorry you were having computer issues, my friend! But I am loving the dish!