Stuffed Peppers and Tour — 20 Comments

  1. Both of these stuffed peppers look wonderful. And you’re absolutely right about taking time to explore your surroundings. We get so caught up in the routines, chores, etc., that we forget to go to the beach and take a walk, or pick a place on the map we’ve never been and just take a drive. Those days are always the most fun.

  2. Ah, my nemisis shows itself again haha (stuffed peppers)
    I like the idea of making like a tourist in your local area. We do that often.

  3. Thank you for the little tour! We did the same thing when we moved from Ohio to Florida. We took to the water like fish, kayaking, fishing, beach going – now that the newness has worn, we are typical home bodies doing the typical chores. Thank you for some inspiration to “get back out there”!
    The stuffed peppers look awesome! I am liking the first one as it sounds so different! A must try for me! Thanks!

  4. Katie the peppers look brilliant! I love them! I also love learning and seeing France through your eyes! 😀
    I get these little miniature peppers (about 2 bites per half) they look kinda like small banana peppers or red/yellow and orange jalapeno peppers but they are sweet not hot. I am now itching to try stuffing them using either one of your stuffings!
    I’ll let you know how they turn out! 😀

  5. Lydia, it’s fun and so nice to get out and do something…why don’t we more often?
    Maryann, they’re coming to get you…. Being a tourist IS fun – even in your own back garden!
    Deb, the first recipe is my favorite – stir-fry in a pepper! Go play in the waves…
    steamy kitche, thanks…I wish I could get some more ‘exotic’ ingredients for them.
    Blue Zebra, I used to get smaller peppers in Andorra and I stuffed them with ham and goat cheese. Let me know what you do with them
    Margot, not a lot of work at all – easy peasy!

  6. I’m drooling reading about your travels and your food. I made stuffed peppers a few weeks ago and they were delicious. I like your asian take!

  7. Love the idea of Asian stuffed peppers. And you’ll laugh to hear I have some red peppers in my fridge right now that have had the tops cut off (used for another recipe) and now they’re waiting to be stuffed!

  8. Stuffed peppers are great! Both of your recipes look tasty. I like that there are so many different ways you can stuff them.

  9. Katie, oh you! always treat us wonderful story… and recipe!!!
    Probably I’ve mentioned to you, I have a friend from Andorra who always wants me go over to her house (in Andorra) and stay a weekend. But now I dare not to leave beyond EU zone due to some problems in my visa (it’s another long-whine painful story…). Haven’t had a chance to visit any big flower market yet, will keep it in mind.

  10. Nirmala, I love stuffed peppers…but only in fall, Thanks!
    Casey, Yeah, computer farts, always a mystery, I fixed it… I like discovering new spots – now to just get my lazy ass out there to do it!
    Kalyn, peppers look so pretty when it’s just the caps cut off and the whole thing stuffed – but I always cut mine in half – get more stuffing in that way, hahaha!
    Kevin, they are a versatile little vegetable, aren’t they!
    Tigerfish, thankfully, they freeze pretty well, too. Isn’t it always the case? So much food, so little time…
    Gattina, we had a friend in Andorra that couldn’t leave for about 3 months because of a visa problem…It’s not worth the risk! Do you go to La Bocqueria?

  11. where have I been and what have I been doing you posted 3 posts and I missed them.
    Your peppers look good and you did a few things that I would have never thought of, Like top with a slice of tomato and cheese, I like that Idea. I too made pappers this week and will be blogging about them soon. I tell you we are taste bud sisters, Must be a midwest thing