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Nice Courgette Sticks, A Nice Snail, A Nice Clean House, and a Nice Wish! — 35 Comments

  1. Great little story! One never knows what is lurking in the closet. I am sure he is happier back into his own environment. He is probably wondering what the heck happened…
    Nice zucchini!

  2. And that snail was still alive?
    I don’t like to clean too much, I would much prefer the walk.
    I am getting some more zucchini tomorrow, that looks so good!

  3. Deb, that’s what worries me…one never knows!
    Meredith, well, he was hanging on tightly but I didn’t do a closer inspection…

  4. I do agree, you are very nice! I started getting my house cleaned last year, but it’s still not that clean (simply because I never clean anything between times and they only come once a month!)
    The zucchini sticks look great! Just delicious looking!

  5. Katie how Nice of you! 😉 Great post and I can’t believe you set the beast loose amongst the hens er, herbs that is! So have you tried harvesting your garden snails and making escargot yet? Terrific butter delivery systems. 😀 But that would not be very nice.
    Congrats again on your award. I happen to agree with Tanna that you highly deserve it girl! 😀
    Love the recipe as well. I adore zucchini in all shapes and forms.

  6. Lets here it for zucchini. I don’t know why my friends have stopped giving me their leftovers from their gardens. Perhaps it is all gone and I love zucchini! These sticks would be a perfect snack!

  7. I’m with you on the cleaning. Remember–dust acts as a protective barrier for your furniture.
    I love that those zuchinni sticks are baked, not fried.

  8. Terrific story, and an unexpected twist! Thanks for thinking that I am nice enough for this award. You have to imagine me smiling from ear to ear 🙂
    I hate cleaning because I am allergic to dust (good excuse, huh?). But I can’t out of it, so I do it only because if I don’t, it’ll be even more dusty and that would be bad for me.
    I actually like zuchinni very much, so I am happy to learn new ways to cook them These baked ones look YUMMMM!

  9. Thank you, Kalyn, I envy you your maid – even if it’s once a month… You know it’s going to happen!
    BZ, I have not harvested the snails – although I certainly have enough of the little devils. I do participate in snail-tossing, though. As to the butter, garlic and parsley – yum!
    Margot, Greetings to you! Have a try…
    Valli, your friends STOPPED giving you zucchini? Either it’s all gone or you’ve done something nice to them…
    Simona, you are most welcome…and deserving!
    Great one, Sher, I’ll remember that and adhere faithfully!
    Happy to make you smile, Nora. I could be allergic to dust…or maybe just cleaning…

  10. Can you ever have enough zucchini? I just picked some more up at the farmers market on the weekend. The baked zucchini sticks sound good.

  11. Fun post! When that group of strangers is finished cleaning your house, send them over to mine so I can cook and blog all day haha

  12. ‘ve always loved these zucchini sticks that you often find at a bar but they are fried and pre-fab…this is superior and I’ll try them!

  13. Baked that is the best. And I always welcome zucchini!
    Put me on that stranger list will you please!
    I love the way you walked us into this one. So well done.

  14. I am a slovenly housekeeper.
    But those zucchini sticks sound great – and like something a picky child might eat…

  15. yes that would be nice, I wish someone was nice to me and cleaned my house too. Once a week. But I have to do it on my own. I’m cleanin the loft at the moment and Katie, listen to this: I have so far thrown away 15 big garbage sacks of stuff. It’s so liberating. And as a reward I will turn the small room outside the loft into a small photo studio, makes it almost nice to clean. But only almost…

  16. Katie – I feel so honored! Thank you soooo much for passing that on to me, and at a time when I needed it.
    The zucchini sticks look so appetizing, I can’t wait to make them.

  17. Kevin, according to my garden the answer is ‘NO’.
    Maryann, happy to, just make sure you send them back!
    Shayne, Ooooo, so very much better than a spider – I didn’t even scream!
    Peter, baked is definitely better
    Tanna, you’re on the list…. those strangers are going to be busy and well-travelled! and thanks!
    Maggie, I’m okay as long as people don’t draw in the dust…
    Ilva, 15 garbage sacks!?!?! You are inspiring me! When I was cleaning I kept asking mon mari ‘Do we really need this?’ I was ready to throw out everything that requires dusting. I really should get in my closets as well, sigh….
    Jeni, and so deserving… My thoughts are with you..

  18. Dear Katie, the zucchini sticks look so delicious! I’d love to be one of the strangers hehehe… put me on the list too, will ya!

  19. I’m amazed that you set the snail free in your garden! I generally toss them into the canyon. Perhaps that qualifies me as not very nice, but I’m just not thrilled by the damage they do. I just haven’t the heart to kill something just because it likes to eat!
    And for those of us who don’t have a garden, I’d say no – we haven’t eaten enough zucchini!

  20. Your on it Arfi, happy to pass’em on…
    Tigerfish, they do don’t they? Hmmm, fish fingers….
    Toni, I usually pitch them over the road, I put this one in the weeds – not the herb garden. I figured he’d been traumatized enough, a short flight might have done him in…

  21. The little creature knew exactly how nice you were and are, that’s why he’s back!I enjoyed this post~I always can count on a few chuckles after reading your post for the day~you desrved this wonderful award! And your zucchini dish deserves one, yoo!

  22. I’m with you on the cleaning thing. Clean house is great but for heaven’s sake, life is too short. Nobody ever went to their grave thinking “nooooooo, I should have cleaned behind the shower taps!” OK, I don’t want everything under a layer of dust & breeding salmonella in my kitchen sink, but there simply does not seem to be any good reason to waste a lovely day on housework. I pray every night that a bunch of nice people will come and clean my house – so far no luck but I’ll keep you posted:-)

  23. Oh my these look extremely good! And they’re baked so they’re healthier. I’m definitely saving this recipe. 🙂

  24. Jeanne, I can live with the layer of dust as long as no one writes in it….but I keep the sink clean…If you find them…or I do, we’ll share!
    Ashley, baking is good – and they still got nicely crispy! I hate frying in oil… Makes such a mess and no one wants to clean it up hahaha

  25. I don’t know what I’d do without my cleaning maid. My house would probably be in shambles right now and I wouldn’t be able to find anything.

  26. Baked Courgette (Zucchini) Sticks –
    I made them …
    Very nice recipe with wonderful results.
    Congratulations and thanks!