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Confetti Polenta and Where Babies Come From… — 28 Comments

  1. I like your confetti polenta: what a neat idea. I always make sure to have leftover polenta when I make it, because you can make so many things to go with a slice of polenta.

  2. Lovely! and you do so often make me smile and often laugh. That is a totally fabulous story about the brothers! Oddly it reminds me of a night in England at a wonderful B&B with our two boys. We’d prepped and primed them for just such an evening. But when we went for dinner our hostess first asked the boys if they’d like to have dinner in the garden with her son while we had dinner on the terrace . . . I was stunned and my husband & I had an incredible evening by ourselves . . . a totally rare dinner!
    I love this polenta. Last year I has some something like this and at some point I put some slices in my pannini grill and came out with delightful toasty almost chip like polenta that I topped with stuffed peppers. . . super good.

  3. Katie, you are a super woman to cook so many courses! I normally just have one main for dinner, even for weekend sometimes. 🙂 The polenta looks really nice. I love the sound of it.

  4. Your story is wonderful, as usual. And your polenta looks fantastic. My polenta never seems to firm up, I wonder what I am doing wrong?

  5. Thanks for the smile and we don’t do two courses all the time either, this looks tempting though! I have taken out my polenta flour with the intention of making something…

  6. Loved the story of the little boys! Isn’t it fun when a little thing like that unites the whole room into a single, happy whole?

  7. P.S. If you’d be willing to email me the name and contact info for that inn/restaurant, I’d love it – I’m planning a trip to that part of the world and it sounds delightful!

  8. I loved the story about the children in the restaurant in France. I remember the days of very young children in any restaurant of any kind! I love the varying flavours also of the polenta!!

  9. Simona, I am just learning about the value of cold polenta 😉
    Peter, glad to be of service – about the thinking…
    Anna, very much like bread. I fried the leftovers and had them with soup.
    Lydia, I laugh every time I think about. His voice was just so perfect!
    Tanna, what a wonderful and thoughtful hostess! Your sons probably appreciated it even more than you! Grilled polenta, yum!
    Pam, you put less water/stock in, if you are planning on having it ‘firm’ ….or more if you want it soft…all relative, eh?
    Anh, I have so much fun with the starters, and I love to eat…. Only one course during the week, though…and one night just with the weekend leftovers.
    Betty, Annie Hall – I loved that movie!
    Zoomie, it was fun – and I sent it….
    Valli, I think everyone has ‘young children’ stories… They’re funnier when the children aren’t your own!
    Thanks, Elizabeth, I love pretty food….the black olives kind of bled, though…Might use green next time!

  10. That looks amazing Katie. I adore polenta and I love your version here stuffed with goodies! Cute story as well – I always enjoy your stories!

  11. Congratulations on your award!
    Cute story too. I don’t know who I feel sorry for, the boy or the parents 🙂

  12. Belive it or not Katie, I have never made polenta! I have seen so many recipes for it, but never seem to get around to it. I just may have to try yours it looks so good!

  13. Katie, I love the way you whet the appetite with your stories. You absolutely make people smile!
    By the way . . . if you haven’t already, please check out http://www.generouspour.com to help Clos du Bois raise money for Share Our Strength. You don’t have to buy anything, pay anything or even do anything — other than download a cool song by Corinne Bailey Rae. Another thing to make you smile . . . Thanks!

  14. Thanks, Jenn, I was pleased with the way the polenta turned out!
    Kelly, thanks! Definitely feel sorry for dad!
    Aw shucks, thanks Christine! 😉
    Thanks, Mike!
    Deb, and it’s so easy! Of course I’ve never made the slow-cooking, stir for 45 minutes kind!
    Thank you, Maryann!
    Swirlingnotions, I will definitely do that – always happy to help!

  15. I love polenta. I never had it till my ex-boyfriend’s grandmother made it for dinner one night and it was love at first bite. Your picture looks absolutely delicious. I’ve tried other recipes that don’t include other ingredients but I always enjoyed hers because she did. I’m going to have to try my hands at your recipe. Thanks.

  16. Well I haven’t tried the recipe yet but I had to come back and say I love the Make Me Smile Award. I love how the words “You Lift Me Up” make up picture. Too cute. Love it. Made my day. 🙂

  17. Great story and Katie, I admit it, I always leave your site with a smile…and a great recipe. Thanks for sharing and you deserve the smile award.