Embarrassing Food; Skeletons in the Pantry….Dare to Share! — 33 Comments

  1. Oh god…I’m in. Expect a post sometime after Thanksgiving. lol.
    (We have something that’s simply titled “Pink Stuff.” We can’t go a holiday without it, but my fiance won’t even touch it.)

  2. I have the perfect dish for this Katiez. It is actually one of my favourite dishes but it is not in the least bit health conscious with tons of butter and uses canned soup!!!!

  3. oh boy, do I have a dandy! Funny thing, last night I sat on the couch and started throwing away recipes I have not made in 25 years~I am not making this up-25 years ago and most of foods would fit this category-how shameful!

  4. You are too funny…I don’t know if there is enough space in the Blogoshere for all my Skeletons. Hmmm, how to choose…

  5. Nice idea, Kate! More power to confessionist writing – can it be a simple, everyday thing we haven’t mastered yet?

  6. haha..I love the canned cranberry you talked about. My mom does that all the time. But then she slices it and spreads it out into a beautiful fan haha. So funny.

  7. This’ll be fun. Some of my best mistakes have happened when I added too much of an ingredient that I like (in normal dosages).

  8. Glenna, great!
    Anh, there’s lots of time – after all, there are lots of hoidays this time of year!
    Ley, I thought there might be some interesting things coming from T-Day…Pink Stuff???
    Christine, after Thanksgiving’s perfect!
    Bellini Valli, sounds perfect 😉
    Mimi, I know… maybe it’s a midwestern thing. But those traditions are hard to kick!
    Jann, I have that same recipe box…think I’ll get it out tonight…Tater Tot Hot Dish???
    Chris, I have rather a large pantry-full myself…
    Sra, absolultely – any little secret you want to share!
    Maryann, it’s always on our table, too!
    Tanna, those are the rutabagas with bacon and onions that my family ONLY eats on Thanksgiving and Christmas… It’s not like it’s something expensive or exotic!!!
    Meredith, like me with the thyme in the Green Bean Casserole?!?!?

  9. Deb, I think we’ll all be able to relate to a lot!
    Christine, absolutely not! Any skeleton is as good as any other! I’m very intrigued…. do tell, come on…TELL!

  10. Katie . . . my palms are sweating ;-).
    I just posted a photo of my “wine cellar” (our hall closet, complete with ski jackets and the little foam thing you kneel on in the garden) to a friend of mine’s wine blog and then everyone else posted pics of their gorgeous built-ins and walk-ins and whatever-ins. I told him I felt like I was back in kindergarden with everyone standing in a circle when one person says, “OK, everyone lift their shifts.” I was always–ALWAYS–the only one who fell for it.
    So I’ll share mine if you promise to all lift up your shirts 😉 (metaphorically, of course).

  11. This is great! My mom and I were just talking about this yesterday! I love it! Since the deadline is Dec 30, I am sure I can include some pictures in mine! hee hee! Great idea Katie!

  12. Thanks, Christine – it’s hilarious!!!
    Swirling Notions – absolutely! Scouts honor! No problem! So where’s your wine cellar post – I want to see…
    Gattina, dig deep – we want the really well buried secrets….
    JennDZ, pictures? Oh yeah, that would be good!
    Its Crazy Delicious – it creeps up so fast, doesn’t it? Then WHAM!

  13. Nora, dig deep, come up with something really scary…no wait, wrong idea!
    You have plenty of time… and if you’re like my family, plenty of foodie faux pas.

  14. What a great event. I can’t wait to read all about it. I honestly, can’t think of anything super disasterous since I have been an adult… I’ll have to dwell on this a bit!

  15. Hi Katie,
    Something happened in the kitchen on Sunday that I can write about for this! But i won’t have time to post it till probably this weekend.

  16. Kristen, doesn’t have to be a disaster…just funny, interesting, embarrassing, foods you are ashamed to be seen eating…
    Nora, oh goodie, I can’t wait. And lots of time – all the way to Christmas

  17. Katie this is so great, but I am ready to sign off for the remainder of the month and won’t have time.
    I will leave you with a skeleton moment (not recipe) though.
    I am a party girl..I went to a very formal corporate party, one year many past, a little on the high side.
    There was a large bowl of dip in the formal table arrangement and I took a chip and heavily dipped it in the bowl up to my knuckles!
    I then slung the dip from my hand onto the persons standing by my side, on their coat!
    Beat that for a moment! None of my skeleton recipes could compare.
    Happy dipping!

  18. My husband actually prefers congealed cranberry “sauce” in a can to wonderful homemade versions? Is that a confession?
    Actually just today I more or less screwed up my great-grandma’s recipe for making popcorn balls. And I love a good foodie blooper, so I will try to post that in time.