Pumpkin, Sage and Leek Lasagne; and A Very Bad Girl! — 36 Comments

  1. I have so much to catch up on…
    I love any modification to the traditional lasagne and this one is particularly to my husbands liking (except he’d probably add some cottage cheese and spinach too!!)!

  2. My cousin bought a house in France, he got married in the village this Summer. It’s going to take him years to work out what’s right and wrong and how to behave. Saying that, he’s never been one to behave so I don’t suppose it really matters. The lasagna looks really good.

  3. We have “quiet time” here in Rhode Island, too, but it’s not as formalized. No shredders or chain saws before 10 am on the weekends. That’s about it!

  4. I still can’t believe that happened to your beautiful her garden! (which, by the way, I am insanely jealous of – without the leaves). You may have to apologize to the neighbors my dear, but I certainly don’t blame you! Your pumpkin recipes all sound fabulous – I’m especially drawn to the savory ones like this lasagna!

  5. Very funny story — you have the knack for humor — and delicious sounding lasagne. Thanks for making my morning better (albeit at the expense of your poor neighbor’s quiet time)…

  6. Genie, Thanks, and I hope you do…and I hope you love it!
    Freya, I was trying to practice self- control – thus, no cottage cheese…The spinach, tho, yeah, that would be good!
    Thanks, Peter, I really like ham with squash and pumpkins…and sweet potatoes!
    And a Happy T-Day to you, too, Tanna! I almost lost a glove….
    Yellow House Cook, perfect if you can cook from the pantry!
    Amanda, our neighbors are usually very kind and diplomatic when they point out the error of our ways…
    Lydia, it really is a pain because that is exactly when I like to be out working…Esp in winter when it takes until noon to get warm enough! Shops all close for the 2 hours,too – one really is supposed to eat!
    Michelle, it was very strange – the kiwifruit vines dumped as well – fortunately the fruit was okay
    Laurie, happy to oblige – a grin and a chuckle is the best way to start the day!

  7. Oh, I love that there is quiet time! I wish we had it around here. The pumpkin lasagna looks unbelievably fabulous! So rich!

  8. Funny story, Katie! When we were in Paris we stayed in an apartment that had a fussy washing machine and dryer so we hung clothes out to dry on the balcony, not having a clue that one cannot air one’s laundry in that manner. Luckily, our neighbors told us before the laundry police came knocking on our door.
    That lasagna is a knockout!

  9. Katie, I hope the delicious pumpkin bread will make things for the better! And seriously, your pumpkin lasagna sounds so good, I want to make it someday.

  10. Quiet time? As I type there is construction work going on right outside my window and a jack-hammering that has been going on since I got up this morning! Maybe I should move to the “back of beyond” next door to you 🙂 I’ll let you use you wood-chipper if you give me a bit of that lasagna! It looks beyond delicious! 🙂

  11. That sounds sensational. If I was looking for a vegetarian main dish for Thanksgiving this year (and I’m not only because we’re being guests this year instead of hosting), I’d make this minus the ham. It would be perfect.
    Wow, a quiet hour. Life is very different there, isn’t it?

  12. No quiet time in my part of the world! I have to go to Ohio in mid winter to get any quiet time. Food or wine always brings forgiveness. When you show up with your “peace offering” I am sure they will not even remember the noise!
    Happy Thanksgiving Katie!

  13. Hi Katie,
    what a funny story! All these rules… I would have trouble remembering all the “proper” etiquette. This lasagna looks delicious!

  14. Sandi, mon mari doesn’t allow me access to his toys without supervision. He’s just no fun at all!!!
    Pam, quiet time is nice – If I’d ever remember to be quiet….
    Christine, yes, one must be careful about airing the laundry… although, a lot of the ‘laundry’ rules are pretty recent.. And Thanks!
    Thanks, Anh. All I have to do is convince them the pumpkin isn’t pig food!
    Joey, it’s a deal! Although there’s nothing like the sound of a jackhammer in the morning!
    Julie, life is, indeed, different here. The lasagne would be perfect with out the ham. Mon mari needs his meat, though….
    Thanks, Maryann, you, also 😉
    Happy T-Day to you Deb. It may not be quiet but it’s warm..and usually sunny… with ocean breezes… It’s been raining and cold here all week!
    Nora, as you can see, so do I! Thanks!

  15. I’m not so much about cooking pasta as my kids are having eczema. I am trying to make pasta or ravioli from gluten-free baking mix, but the results are not representative! I wonder if there are some recipes to make gluten-free lasagna? Your lasagna looks great! I’m still disorganized with events, are you hosting the seasoned eatings?

  16. I have made the pumpkin ravioli with walnuts a few years ago and it was great but it was a ton of work, I think that using it like this is much better and as you know I always love your menu.

  17. Hmmmm. What would your village make of the bozo who blow leaves at 22:00 across the street from us? Gone are those long ago days when you could burn your leaf piles in barrels, when the neighborhoods smelled of fireplaces on high.
    “Fargo” was a riot, probably my favorite Coen film. That’s some yummy lasagna, too.

  18. I always love your stories and this time was no different. I’m still laughing,but it’s only 1:30pm here so I’m whispering 😉
    Thanks for sharing a terrific lasagna for Presto Pasta Night.

  19. Katie, I slip away from the blog world for a few days and come back to find your blog full of fun and delicious things! That lasagne looks out of this world. Your bloggin event – “Skeletons” – is a very entertaining idea. I can’t wait to read that round-up. I will look around for my skeletons! 😉

  20. First of all, LOL at your ‘disturbing the peace’ story. Hope they don’t hold it against you! 🙂
    Second, that lasagna looks amazing. Unfortunately, we don’t really get pumpkins here in Norway – had a few for Halloween, but that’s it. Not even canned 🙁
    It’ll have to wait until I get back to Canada in other words!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  21. Arfi, you could try making lasange using cooled polenta cakes, sliced thinly…or corn tortillas maybe?!? I’m co-hosting it – want to play????
    Shayne, I love to eat…and to cook…but I’ll usually take the easy way…
    Susan, thanks…we ate the WHOLE thing…
    The ‘bozo’ would have heard a lot of irate shutters slamming…. We can still burn, but the leaves make such good compost… Yeah, I loved Fargo..
    Ruth, please, laugh quietly…although, raucus laughter is, apparently, not against the ‘rules’
    Jeni, come on, you must have SOME little thing you can share…
    Heidi, ditto here for the pumpkin – that’s why I have to grow my own! Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

  22. I’ll be making your lasagne recipe. I froze a bunch of roasted pumpkin purée, but not as much as you did 🙂

  23. Oh, for shame! What a racket that must have been! Your story about quiet time is great. It reminds me of how, in the summer, the park district guy takes the opportunity to mow the median dividing our street at dinnertime, without fail. Perhaps I should approach our city council about a quiet-time referendum?!
    The lasagna looks fabulous. It could be made with fresh pasta, right? I just got a pasta maker (the hand-crank kind) and I want to try it out soon. I wonder if I would even need to cook the pasta beforehand.

  24. Pumpkin lasagne is the best, isn’t it?
    Lisa, when we make lasagne, we do not cook our fresh pasta before-hand. We just make sure that the first layer is lying on a thin layer of stock.
    P.S. Skeletons in my pantry? You must be joking. We never make any mistakes ever. Heh. Or something. (Now, where’s that broom for sweeping things under the carpet?)

  25. Meredith, pumpkin freezes so well! And I’ve really been working at new recipes to use it this fall (you may have noticed) I made gnocchi last night….
    Lisa, you would not have to cook the pasta and the sauce is really meant for the no-cook noodles so it should be perfect for un-cooked fresh as well. It has a bit of extra ‘moisture’ in it, so to speak for the noodles to absorb.
    No, no, Elizabeth…. you must sweep them under MY carpet…. These things must be told! Pumpkin lasagne is great!

  26. I think we could really use a quiet time in the states. I know of a few people who would love it (ME!) and a few people who would have no idea what to do with themselves (MIL).

  27. Kristen, I don’t mind it, normally, but in the winter it’s usually not warm enough to go outside to work until noon…and it starts getting cold again by 4 so the 2 hours really cuts in!