Minestrone and The Art of Soup — 23 Comments

  1. OMG what a great post! I can just imagine you looking perplexed at a pile of vegs on the counter and three pots of soup on the stove! I love soup, but living alone, it tends to get tedious to finish if i make it in large quantities (my freezer=not so big…) Glad that your husband is “enabling” such a healthy habit and encourages your endeavors. 😉

  2. What a darling, original post! Unfortunately, my family (read:daughters) doesn’t appreciate it when I make huge soups. So I stay under control.

  3. Katie, It sounds like you are out of control and might need a cauldron pretty soon haha. Good thing soup freezes well, eh?

  4. Pille, I suppose I could use my canning/bottling kettle – on the outdoor burner…
    swissmiss, thank god mon mari eats lots of soup, too!
    Betty, I keep telling myself that lesser quantities means more varieties… I don’t listen to me well!
    Maryann, pleeease, don’t suggest that too loudly…

  5. First, I must say your serving bowl is so nice!!!! Ah soup, who can make just a tiny bit of soup? Soup is such good food and I thought today – I am going to just start eating soup for lunch everyday. But then I started thinking – which soups? Now I have your soup as the first on my list. Looks great Katie and I love the addition of a bit of pasta!

  6. You funny thing! I imagine you with a huge, bubbling vat of soup…then am instantly reminded that I too am guilty of over-doing it size-wise! Lovely use of cabbage.

  7. I have no problem with leftover and army-sized soup recipes. They are better the next day and yours being a Minestrone would be thicker from the pasta absorbing liquid….yum!

  8. Oh, Katie, I’m in that boat or is it soup pot with you. Main dish soups do get out of control. I always set out to make just a small pot and the next thing I know I’m dragging out the big guns.
    My Minestrone uses a head of cabbage, goes in the pot almost first thing and becomes the thickening agent in the soup at the end as there are no real traces of it.

  9. Katie, I am the same way. Soup just seems to grow and grow and grow! But it does make the very best leftovers!

  10. I’m with you, Katie. Making soup is so comforting to me. I love how easy they are to make, how good they always smell, and how plentiful they are (providing many lunches each week!). I say keep making soup!

  11. So glad I stopped by. I have two or three whole cabbages, two half cabbages (red and white), and two wedges of cabbage. It’s taking over! I guess it’s soup this weekend.

  12. So funny! I read it out loud to my husband and we chuckled together. How great that you have such a supportive husband. Or is he an enabler? I’d love to make your delicious looking soup, but I only have a commercial size stock pot. Probably not big enough.

  13. i love minestrone, in fact, i just love any kind of chopped vegetable soup. one funny thing is that my kids think that soup is always accompanied with noodles. even when i put spaghetti in it, they still think they’re noodles. well, i don’t blame them. it’s the asian part which is taking part here hehehe… lovely post, kate. i enjoyed it. cheers.

  14. A smaller, faster minestrone? No no no! Soup is something to be savored, both in the eating and in the making. Like you, my pots keep getting bigger, but my soup keeps getting better, and some time in the middle of winter I will open the freezer and find all of the containers of wonderful soup stacked in there, and it will make me happy.

  15. You are so funny. I used to have that problem but lately I’m doing a little better at making reasonable sizes. Love the sound of this soup. I’m very fond of soup with cabbage.

  16. Me too, me too, I always end up making huge soups. But luckily, we are a family of soup lovers. And cabbage? Yumyum!

  17. Deb, that’s the only think I like about winter – soup for lunch!
    Lucy, that’s me…double, double, toil and trouble….
    Peter, thankfully better the next day…and the next…and the next
    Tanna, I’m going to have to try that – kind of the same effect as freezing but faster 😉
    Pam, It’s impossible to keep under control…I keep telling mon mari…
    Maggie,that’s too many cabbages, I think…definitely time for soup!
    Susan, the smells in the house are the best part (almost)
    Tigerfish – good luck on the move!
    Lynn, he is a soup enabler! Do you have 2 pots?
    Anh, you can save the thought for your next winter.
    Gattina, I have a hard time doing things in small quantities.
    Arfi, but soup IS sipposed to have noodles…
    Lydia, I agree, it like having your personal supermarket… It’s hard to make a small GOOD soup! I keep telling mon mari…
    Kalyn, I keep trying. I keep relapsing!
    Meredith, soup is good food (to quote an old Campbell’s commercial)

  18. Kate this looks great. I have been on a soup kick as well. It is funny the way my food cravings really change with the weather!