Pasta with Cabbage, Sage and Sausage and Walking the Dog — 25 Comments

  1. What a great story. When we are on the hiking trails we are always kind of envious of the people who’ve brought their dogs… The sheer pleasure these animals get out of being up there in the grandeur of nature is so touching and such a great gift to a dog. It’s funny how our pets tough it out and never complain. We have an old old cat – it took years to get her used to spending summer vacations on the Riviera, but she’s got the hang of it now. Great recipe too!

  2. What a wonderful fall pasta dish! I have been craving cabbage and have a ton of sage in my containers, so, there ya go! Sounds like dinner tonight to me!
    Dogs are such companions!

  3. We have an old princess (who looks like a cocker spaniel~ but that would make her a dog and not a princess). The vet told us just this week that she needs to not be jumping on furniture or climbing stairs. It is a good thing she is deaf, because she would hate to think she couldn’t get onto her leather couch.
    She would never consider hiking!

  4. The pasta dish looks great.
    I am so jealous of your descriptions of your mountain walks. Oh, how I wish I lived in nature like that. You know we have two German Shepherd’s, but I have to tell you that one of them LOVES to climb and run down boulders. There are boulders the size of houses in Joshua Tree National Park in California, and our female scared us to death the first time we took her there as she effortlessly scaled up to the top of one and disappeared over the backside – running down an almost vertical drop of at least 30 feet! She is quite the acrobat. Our male, unfortunately, is like yours, with bad hips, but he tries.
    Thanks for the stories!

  5. Lucy, there was no way that I could deny our dogs the walks. Even now, we just go on small ones in the morning, but if I’m late, they both come to get me!
    Deb, I love cabbage, too… but they’re so big!
    Sandi, leather couches go well with royalty! My Sedi has her bed next to mine and would never give it up. Emma has her own room!
    Wendy, cute picture – fine for Rosie. I don’t think Sedi would accept it…. She hates being picked up (like at the vet’s)
    Shayne, they both will happily walk with you! And show you all the best stuff!
    Jeni, I really miss walking in the mountains. It’s so flat where we are now. Emma used to be like your female – going straight up and down rock faces. Then she got fat 😉

  6. Dogs with spirit are so fantastic; you were oh so right Katie to take Sedi with you on all those walks. Those who live use their minds and their bodies.
    The pasta and it’s bowl look marvie!

  7. Yesterday it was tourte au chou for us — I’ve also tried pasta with cabbage and was pleasantly surprised. Somehow it hadn’t appealed to me at first.
    Have a good day!

  8. Tanna, She just takes her job (guarding us) sooo seriously! If only I could teach her to protect me from centipedes…
    Kevin, sausage and were meant for each other!
    Thanks, Betty – you, too! (Using up a cabbage can be a challenge)

  9. Your dogs have such personality! You are a wonderful human to have 🙂
    That pasta sounds delish…I love cabbage and will eat it with anything…especially if you throw in some sausage…and a nice dish 😉

  10. I love your dog and I love your story of your mountain hikes! When I lived in New Mexico, we had a dog who loved to go for hikes with me, but we never needed to cross icy streams with waterfalls, and never asked her to boulder hop!
    And of course, there’s always the reward of a meal at the end. And yes, it’s always the best one – seasoned with fresh air and used muscles! Recipe looks great!

  11. Wonderful post! Your dog is lucky to live with people who understand that living life is more important than living to be old — and what is life without walks, and stairs, and an occasional stream to be crossed?

  12. Joey, thanks, I’ll give the girls an extra cuddle for you!
    Nut.Ella, I agree, that would have been so cruel, and she wouldn’t have understood why..
    Toni, the first time we came to a stream and I watched this sweet little old lady with tons of gold jewelry skip across – I knew I had to suck it up and keep up…
    Lydia, absolutely right – it’s meant to be lived!

  13. I used to live with friends who had a shepard since a pup, and eventually it got arthritis and could no longer even walk. It was the saddest day when the local vet came for a visit…
    I’m like kevin, cabbage and pasta somehow doesn’t sound right. But what’s life without mountain walks and taking chances?

  14. It’s always sad to put an animal down, but sometimes it’s better than living a limited or immobilized life in pain. You are much braver than me though — I cried when my baby turtle died two years ago.
    Great recipe as well, good for the cooler months.

  15. Thank you for sharing your family story. Moving to this condo has meant no pets of any kind. It would be nice to have a dog companion on the hiking trails here. This time of year a dog would sense a bear or a cougar long before we would. The pasta dish also looks very comforting after a day of hiking the mountains!!!

  16. Neil, it doesn’t sound right…but it is. You just need a longer walk in the mountain to properly appreciate it! I’m dreading that sad day.
    Kelly, as I said, I dread the day…but she’s a determined bitch, er, I mean girl dog!
    tigerfish, and good even without the pig!
    Valli, bears and cougars? You definitely should have a dog. Maybe you could walk them for your local shelter. In Andorra, they were always looking for dog walkers…

  17. Great dish, thanks for sharing it with Presto Pasta Nights.
    by the way, I do enjoy your canine adventures.

  18. I, too, love your puppy stories. And…Wow! The dish looks great! SOrry it took me so long to read this post. The pasta looks beautiful in the “leaf”.