Roast Lamb with Garlic and Rosemary, Lamb Risotto and Four Things You Didn’t Want to Know — 27 Comments

  1. You are killing me with this post! I LOVE lamb, and we are having very good quality spring lamb now. Must try these!!!

  2. The lamb looks like it is cooked to pink perfection. And a leftover dish that looks just as good as the original! The idea of adding beans to a risotto is interesting.

  3. We still need to butcher 6 more roosters (yes, the tough ones! gosh…) and 4 more lambs! My God, I have been through hectic days these days, can’t get enough with plucking. I haven’t tried to mix lamb with risotto. Can risotto be flavoured with curry, do you think?

  4. Lamb is absolutely my favorite meat — I made a similar dish last week with haricots tarbais and it was delicious. This week I’m more keeping my head above water with 30 hours of class!

  5. You’ve just done wonderful things with my favorite meat! We have a freezer full of grass fed lamb that will carry us through the winter. You can bet I’ll be making that risotto!

  6. Oh my word Katie, you are over the top with this one. Leftovers: Have I got a dish for you is right! But I don’t see leftovers from this original dish. That is fabulous lamb and beans to begin with!
    I’d love to be in Paris for Christmas!

  7. Lamb’s my favourite meat, after venison. Love it roasted, in particular. 🙂
    Enjoyed your meme!

  8. That lamb looks scrumptious and so does that risotto! So perfect for this season Katie! I am in love with these dishes!

  9. Anh, spring lamb…nothing better! This saddle was very good, however! And I love it year-round!
    Kevin, I love beans in risotto! The lamb was good – perfectly pink, just the way I like it. I’d be lost without my remote meat thermometer!
    Lydia, the lamb was good…but the risotto, mmmmmm – I really like ‘comfort’ food!
    Peter, yes, that says it very well!
    Thanks, Mike. Doing the post made me want to cook the whole lot again this week!
    Arfi, you are amazing! I always have to pluck the last few feather of my chickens but to do all of it….. I’m awed! Personally, I think you can put anything in risotto – as long as you don’t put too much in. Sorry about the meme – I looked…apparently not closely enough… My bad!
    Betty, are tarbais the local bean specialty? Like our mogette? The French do have a way with beans, don’t they? Lamb’s pretty good, too. Even when we lived in Andorra we made trips to France for lamb.
    Oh Christine! Lucky, lucky you! A freezer full…. I hope you like the risotto.
    Tanna, I have to make a rather big roast to get the leftovers, hahaha! I’d like to be there too – don’t see it happening, though, sigh….
    Wendy, I wish I could get venison. Sometimes I see it in the markets in December, but it’s always expensive. I make but it anyway, this year.
    Thanks, Jenn, I love winter cooking!!!

  10. A wonderful recipe plus a recipe for how to use the leftovers! You are so generous!
    I can (at this point) only imagine how wonderful Christmas in Paris is. Christmas is Munich is wonderful.

  11. I have never roasted a leg of lamb (or any other part of a lamb). For some reason, it scares me. But yours looks soooo good!

  12. That is one perfect meal! Your lamb sounds delicious! Especially with the beans…another thing that I love 🙂 Lamb shank is the biggest piece of lamb I have ever worked with…I think it’s time to graduate to lamb leg!
    Brilliant job with the leftovers 🙂

  13. The lamb looks wonderful. Thanks for passing the meme onto me. Do you want to bore everyone to death? haha

  14. Thanks for thinking of me Katie! My meme will be posted next week, but first I must have on my dinner table what you have on yours today! OMG, it looks sooo good!

  15. Katie, sorry I couldn’t leave my comment earily as I was ocuppied by a friend’s visit and my Spanish course. You definitely have been leading a very diversified life! But one thing I disagree… 100+ people company isn’t small 😛
    My husband was planning to go to Austria for this Christmas… my the only idea about this country is from a TV special that made in 1987 – Sound of Christmas. So yes, we were really looking forward to a bit Mozart, Beethoven, and Julie Andrews & Placido Domingo (the last two were ones of the cast of the show 🙂 :)… however something suddenly comes up and we more likely have to take a trip back to the States instead. Now I’m so envious of you 🙂
    Oh yes, when (hopefully by Easter) my Spanish is getting barely good enough, then can talk to butcher to get me lamb shoulder and try on this Breton style!

  16. Meredith, my work is finished!
    Lynn, I love Christmas time in Munich – the markets, the lights, everything!
    Jaden, luckily for us, it’s pretty reasonable here. On the other hand, I can’t get decent shrimp!
    Pam, it’s so easy – put it in the oven with a thermometer, take it out when it beeps!
    Susan, when one cooks for two, one has to plan leftovers…Besides, they’re often the best part.
    Chris, absolutely, the risotto is even better than the roast (to me!)
    Joey, or a shoulder. This was actually a ‘saddle’ – whatever that is. It was good, that’s all I care about!
    Deb, I look forward to reading all the details!
    Swirling Notions, I wish I was going to be there…We can all dream, though, can’t we?
    Gattina, Austria is so magical at Christmas. Maybe next year! You sound like you are terribly busy… Barcelona, particularly Kings Day Eve (Jan 5) is very fun in Barcelona – big parties along the Ramblas!
    Maryann, I want all the fascinating tidbits about your life…

  17. Katie – you are a superwoman, superblogger and supercook! This lamb and side dishes look divine. I will be making this!