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Seafood Provençal and Chocolate for Health! — 16 Comments

  1. I’m shoving you to the side so I can eat all of that Scallops dish…with lots of bread for dunking!
    Katie, thanks for the gnocchi recipe…I still have butternut squash at hand.

  2. My tarragon, too, is long gone from the herb garden, but squash is abundant at the farmstands, so I can definitely try this gnocchi. And about that chocolate…. well, if my market had two aisles of chocolate, I’d never leave empty-handed!

  3. I love the idea of tarragon with scallops. Never thought of that before, but I bet it’s a brilliant combination. I also have frozen tarragon in my freezer, as well as scallops, hmmm. (Scrolling back up to see if I do indeed have all the ingredients for this.) Not quite, but very close! (Now I just need more time to cook.)

  4. I wish I had a better selection of dark chocolate here, though maybe its better that I don’t… The scallops look tasty. Your gnocchi turned out great! They kept their bright orange colour too. Herb and browned butter sauce…mmm…

  5. Americans are finally catching on the idea that dark chocolate is good for you. But, the moderation thing, I’m not so sure about. 😉 I just made sweet potato gnocchi, which were similar to your pumpkin ones. They look quite festive for this holiday season!

  6. You always get me going Katie. Problem is after running down to check the pantry in Seattle here, I found no chocolate. Um, well at least I got the exercise! I am really a dark chocolate convert in the last 3 years! Really enjoy that.
    Your scallops look beautiful and next to the pumpkin gnocchi would be very festive!

  7. Katie, you crack me up – between the cows and chocolate theories! You alternate so easily between comedienne and professional chef. Wonderful looking recipes. (Oh, and I, too, am a believer in a square a day.)

  8. Katie, all looks delish, and why don’t you try a square of each chocolate, on the hour until the sypmptoms subside

  9. Chocolate everyday~not just around Christmas-time…the French have the best chocolate! I try to stock up on the baking bars when I can..it sure makes a difference in the taste!Your pumpkin gnocchi looked incredibly tasty~where do you find all this time?Take care of those cows, they are so cute!

  10. Peter, I’ll share…I promise. Butternut would work well, I just used the last of mine!
    They were good, Pille, and really a lot easier than I thought.
    Lydia, I wander through the aisles every trip, looking, and looking….
    Kalyn, I really love tarragon, and it does well with the tomatoes, too… I know, doesn’t seem right,
    Ashley, it really doesn’t take long, I made it along with the rest of dinner.
    Kevin, I really don’t need allof that chocolate temptation, either. And thanks, I thought the color was gorgeous….so thanks for the inspiration.
    Susan, moderation in all things…but chocolate! Sweet potato gnocchi…yum
    Tanna, the best part about dark chocolate is…. mon mari doesn’t like it 😉
    Jeni, those cows come running whenever we are outside, they are such a hoot! A square a day…surely, sometimes two..or three?!?
    AV, now you’re talking! A square (or 2) an hour! That I can do!
    Jann, yes, all of the lovely chocolate bars…so many kinds, so little room on the hips, sigh… The time? It’s called making dinner…believe me, it’s the only time I have for cooking! That’s why you don’t see any baking projects on my blog!

  11. Hi Katie,
    I wish that I had to make the decisions about which choc to have and I certainly wouldn’t mind an extra 3 aisle of chocolates in teh supermarkets, it will certainly make it more exciting for me.
    You meal sounds delicious. I saw the pumpkin gnocchi at Kevin’s blog also but haven’t gotten round to making it.
    Hope that you are having a nice weekend! It must be nice since it’s chocolate coated 😉

  12. Lovin’ the cows, Katie! And the gnocchi….yum! I made sweet potato gnocchi that was good…so these much be fantastic!

  13. Thanks, Nora, and chocolate-y it was/is. I do love the quality of the chocolate here! The gnocchi was easier than I expected!
    Chris, thanks, they are darling cows! Sweet potato…yum!