Seasoned Eatings

You all remember "Secret Santa", right?  Those of you who have worked in an office…or a school…or a shop… or anywhere…or not.

You know, secretly giving little gifts to one person that is part of your daily life.Seasonedeatings_2

How about Global Secret Santa?   Okay, bad idea..

How about inter-continental Seasoned Eatings?

Country Girl City Living and I are going to inject a little spice into everyone's life this holiday season.

We all read blogs from all over the globe.

I, for one, am always hearing about spices unique to one country or another that I'm not familiar with. 

And even if I knew what they were I wouldn't have a clue as to what to do with them. 

Well Bloggers take heed: we are about to do something about that.

Not only do we all get pressies (Brit slang for presents) we get to learn  something!

And, best of all, it's easy!  I'll let Country Girl City Living explain:

"Your task is to find one spice, that is either local to your area or is representative of your cooking style.

The Spice Market in Istanbul (Summer 2005)

2) Then you package it up and send it off to the blogger you are assigned to (this is how we will maintain the element of surprise). With the package you send to your secret recipient you will add a recipe for the spice you are including.

3) Then, when you receive your package in the mail you get to post a picture of the package and your reaction to the mystery ingredient.

4) The second post (or the first if you are uber-motivated) will be the picture of the recipe you made with your ingredient."

If you want to play leave a note in the comments and/or send an email to either me or Country Girl City Living with your address (don't leave your address in the comments).

Spice up your life – and play!

25 thoughts on “Seasoned Eatings”

  1. Oh! Me! Please! And I promise, even though I’m from Minnesota, that I won’t send salt or cream of mushroom soup as a primary spice. 🙂

  2. i love this idea! i’m new to reading your blog and haven’t commented yet, so i’m not sure, is this just a thing for regular visitors, or can i join also? it’s a wonderful idea and i’d love to learn about a new spice (& teach someone about my most beloved spice too!)

  3. Oh Katie, that sounds like so much fun. But I don’t think that I will be able to participate. Australia has such strick rules about receiving food products from overseas. Although certain food products can still get through as long as one declares it… I’ll have to check.

  4. Amy, no mushroom soup?!?
    Carmen, of course you can play – everyone who wants to can…the more the merrier…
    Nora, we were hoping spices and herbs in commercial jars would get past all the customs guys…let me know!
    Lydia, can’t be done! (the resisting, I mean)
    Zoomie, I’ll look for it
    Lannae, send me the info…. and let the fun begin!

  5. This sounds fun. I’ll play…although I have no idea of what type of spice to send that would be typical of this region! I’ll have to think about it…

  6. That sounds fun!! I love spices! But NZ’s customs do not allow food from overseas. I’ll be envious of those who receive parcels! Happy hosting, Katie.

  7. Arfi, we could call it a ‘gift’. I onced sent Cuban cigars to a friend in the U.S. – at his request, from Andorra, where they are legal. Called it toys…well, they were…. I’m so bad….

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