Tuna Spaghetti Pie, and Cookies Everywhere…Drop in and Decorate! — 26 Comments

  1. Katie, thank you so much for helping to spread the word about Drop In & Decorate! Your post brings back memories of many happy holiday baking days with family and friends.

  2. I hope it’s a smashing success, Lydia. It’s such a wonderful idea!
    Peter, I used Emmenthal (Shshsh – don’t tell mon mari it’s tuna casserole – he hates that…but he loves this)

  3. Katie, I loved the cookie stories. And the tuna pie looks so comforting and good. I want some now!

  4. Any chance you’ll be posting the ginger chocolate cookie recipe? YUM!
    Sadly, my mom was not a baker. Nor a cook, for that matter. She did what she had to do to feed my sis and I, but our menu was pretty much set in stone. Meatloaf, roast chicken, pot roast, chili, goulosh, and maybe pea soup. I had to start my own traditions when I married and had children. My mom always said I was born in the wrong century. She felt I fit in better with Ma Ingalls! But she always loved anything I baked…especially my Christmas cookies!

  5. Katie, I love this post. Cookies are such a happy food. A true symbol of celebration. Like you and your mom, I sent many a care package to my Navy sons..filled with cookie crumbs just like yours. They really did appreciate them and so did their buddies 🙂 I like your recipe btw.

  6. I am thinking that it is time to start my fruit cake so that it is ready a few weeks before Christmas.
    That is when and why I started my blog was last year making fruitcake and everyone love it too.

  7. Katie, nice recipe! I always look out for recipes using canned tuna. This must be one of the very good one!

  8. Katie have just come home form watching (on TV) the biggest Horse race in Australasia
    The Melbourne Cup
    By the way I won the sweepstake at work with a real outsider
    $60 is my take…very exciting.
    Anyway we have had a few wines and I have realised how much of your blogging I have missed…You have been so busy everything looks wonderful.
    I just so enjoy your blog.
    The pumpkin is superb how clever is that?

  9. Your Christmas breakfast sounds fantastic! I may just have to try it myself this year.
    That tuna spaghetti pie also sounds brilliant. Just the sort of thing I love to eat. Delicious!

  10. can I be your neighor 🙂 🙂 Your stone-jar molasses sound great, any chance to see it? I may bake some Silician-style cookies; Callipygia mailed a recipe to me quite a while ago. I’m still looking for a good store selling a wider range of baking ingredients (oh boy, thinking of your triple chocolate drops!!!), or may search on internet.
    I bet those fellows must be standing by your bro’s mailbox even a month before Christmas!

  11. How could the French not get Christmas Cookies ?? How odd.
    Great story about your brother!
    I’m really interested in the tuna and would like very much to try it. I’ve missed tuna casserole which this is not because I know it’s so much better.

  12. Hey! that’s a neat idea Katie…I’d just substitute the Tuna for cheese and potatoes and bingo..a beautiful dinner for me and my hubby! thanks for the idea:)

  13. Spaghetti pie…sounds and looks magical. Now pass those cookies, or at least some photos of them. I’m drooling in anticipation!

  14. Oh, that tuna and pasta looks soooo delicious. Growing up, my favorite dish was tuna noodle casserole–and your dish looks fantastic!

  15. Pam, that’s the closest I can get to tuna casserole!
    Cindy, I can post the cookies recipes – no pic’s though, as I won’t be baking them until just before Christmas. My mother liked to bake but didn’t like to cook, either. It was part of the job, and she, like yours, did it but didn’t enjoy it.
    Maryanne, a box of cookies can really make a difference at Christmas…crumbs or not!
    Kevin and Anh, thanks, I love canned tuna and an also always looking for good recipes.
    Shayne, you havne’t started your fruitcake yet?!?!?! What’s wrong? Don’t you have to pour brandy over it for a couple of months? (BTW, I love fruitcake)
    Thanks Gilli! And congratulations! I’m so glad to have that whole damn pumpkin, cut-up, baked, strained and frozen!
    Truffle, I love sweets for breakfast – 363 days of bran flakes and two days of love….
    Gattina, the Stone-jar Molasses are almost as good as the chocolate…plus they keep forever (if they would not be eaten)
    Tanna, I have no idea – they thought they (the cookies) were quite a novelty! Cookies (other than the store-bought ones) are not big anywhere in Europe – not in bakeries, no shops in malls…They just don’t know what they’re missing!
    Mansi, sounds perfect – hope it works!
    Tigerfish, yes, Big, Dark Chocolate. I even have a special hammer I use just for smashing the chocolate bars (no chips, here)
    Lindsay, You’ll have to look at the spaghetti and imagine the cookies for a bit..
    Neil, is one ever ready for Christmas? You still have a few weeks…but is sneaks up.
    Sher, I loved it, too. And ate lots of it – every…. other Friday night

  16. Wow . . . you really rock on the Christmas cookie front. I’m lucky if I get one batch of gingerbread men to turn out edible.
    This tuna pasta reminds me of the tuna casserole I used to make when I was a kid (yours looks MUCH better than mine, though). It was from the Betty Crocker Cookbook and one of the first recipes I mastered. I’ll have to try your recipe when my parents are here and see if we’re all overcome by nostaligia ;-).

  17. Hi David, thanks for visiting! No matter what the versions – I love Christmas Cookies!!!
    swirlingnotions, good old Betty Crocker! I have that – and the ‘Cookbook for Boys and Girls’ – and the Cookie Book…

  18. I can’t wait to begin Christmas cookie baking! And I thought of my mom when you spoke of yours beginning right after Thanksgiving. Fun! And, I can’t wait to get a drop and decorate party going here…:)
    Your cassrole looks tasty! I am not a fan of tuna, but love recipes like this where there are other yummy ingredients that don’t allow the tuna to dominate..

  19. All those cookies sound divine!!!Slurp, drool!!
    I remember my mother making lots of different kinds of cookies…shortbreads with marachino cherries were my favorite followed by her pecan crescents. Somehow, though, I never became the baker she was. Now I wish I was…or perhaps it’s a good thing I’m not. 😉
    Thanks for sharing the great tuna spaghetti pie with Presto Pasta Nights.

  20. Chris, I wish I could do one here…or come to one there! I shall have a party of one!
    Ruth, my mother was a great baker, too. Not me. Cookies, sweet breads, the occasional cake or dessert, that’s it. I’ve never made a pie from scratch!